Bearskins to be replaced?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by poet, May 27, 2005.

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  4. whats a hat?

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  1. Sat May 14, 7:26 AM ET

    LONDON - The British army's towering bearskin hats have been a well-known sight outside royal palaces for almost 200 years, but their days may be numbered.

    Animal rights activists are demanding the hats, made from the pelts of North American black bears, be replaced by artificial fur, and one protester plans to follow Queen Elizabeth II in a bear costume when she visits Canada next week.

    what do u lads think of this?or u just dont get give ****?
  2. Hats should be of the finest animal-rights-activist scalps, crocheted together.
  3. Did the fukcing bears chip in during WW2, no, fukc em...
  4. Bearskin Caps should be just that. RSPCA should turn to the right, gain height - and fcuk off !!.

    Next topic for reasoned debate please..
  5. At the point when a bear drafts a letter of complaint to Brenda we should desist immediately from using their fur.

    Until then....
  6. The bearskins are, I believe, made from the pelts of Black Bears that are culled due to high numbers. The bears are killed anyway, why not make use of their demise.

    I could understand their reservations if the bears were just killed to make bearskins but they're not.

    Fecking tree hugging bean curd munchers.

    BTW, next time some limp wristed, pale person makes a statement about 'GM foods' just gently remind them that 'Quorn' is a GM food.
  7. Thats totally correct. This is a yearly issue and comes up annually. Of cours the animal rights people (who hate humas of course!) would rather the bears just tear each other to pieces and starve themselves due to overpopulation. Just was we humans do!
  8. :lol:

    No sh!t Sherlock.

    :lol: :lol:
  9. Besides which, I didn't think anyone had found an artificial fur that could actually match the real thing.
  10. I'm sure the bears are proud to be of use and would be dissapointed if not down right insulted if they thought for a single second that their flea ridden manky pelts would not be sliced from there bodies post perfectly humane death to be used for such a noble cause :?
  11. To the tree hugger brigade, just "bear" in mind many of the head dresses worn by Her Majestys guards are in actual fact synthetic. Many of the former soldiers who wore the original bearskins still in use laid down their lives so that whining whingeing over-qualified do gooders like you lot can sit back in luxury whilst others do the dirty business for you. Back off, the guards, along with all the tradition they represent are part of the heritage of this nation.
  12. above from the yahoo news article so we are a drop in the ocean even if these bears were killed just for the hell of it, and apparently synthetic 'bear skin' just doesn't cut it.

    As an aside but relevant, about 18months ago the game keeper on the land in cornwall (i think) that is owned by the league against cruel sports, resigned in protest at the cruel conditions in which the deer on said land were kept. It took a decision from a tree hugger in london before said game keeper could put an injured or sick deer down consequently the land was over run with deer.

    Point being hypocrasy I suppose


  13. Bugger :(
  14. Hey! It's just dawned on me, maybe the Guards should wear Blairskins instead!
  15. You forgot to include "Turd-burgling" :roll: