Bearskinless-Sikh Royal Guard

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maalox, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. We know.
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  2. I expect that the arrse Indian contingent of big heads will dribble on for the next decade about this.
  3. With the Whites already a minority in London Census data: Immigrant population in England and Wales jumps by THREE MILLION in 10 years | Mail Online and set to be a minority in the UK by 2025, and literally extinct by 2100, I expect to see a lot more pigmented and sallow fellows guarding the Royals.

    What would be interesting is to see a sidelocked Orthodox Jewish Guard in his style of bearskin outside Buckingham Palace!


    As Prince Charles said: "I am not the Guardian of the Faith. I am the Guardian of the Faiths!"
  4. Fair play to the lad, but if he must fart on duty, couldn't he be a bit more discrete?
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  5. Good luck to the bloke, the dinosaur Guards Traditionalist in Londist have mentioned this lately & quite a few find this hard to follow and take in. The SG's like the other PDIC units have a broad Nationality background, big fecking deal.

    Takes me back to 51 Bde Commanders response to the moaning gits in Edinburgh years ago when he Rifles started guarding the Castle....we're One Army. Deal with it & get on with it!
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  6. Can't we O2 thief this idiot!

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  7. Imagine what they must've said when REME did the Buck House guard!....:grin:
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  8. Thye must have said we will be happy if any 3 of you are in step at the same time!!
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  9. The lad looks right smart.
    Looks a bit startled in the phots though. Still 500 Cold war warriors and a full contingent of the EDL Monglords have probably just got off the Outrage bus on the Mall.
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  10. And don't touch anything.....
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  11. Welcome back Maalox. I can honestly say that I've missed you. When was the last time? Prince Harry making Apache a target? Sorry, but I can't be arrsed verifying but am fairly sure I accused you (unfairly, I admit) of being a journo alongside the fair Lena.

    If you've worked alongside Sikhs, as I have, you'd know full well they are proud... and also incredibly loyal. What you don't get is the wider Indian picture. I don't claim to, but feel I'm closer than you.

    Where was I? Oh yes. Fuck off.
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  12. There are a lot more than that, you should see the dinosaurs on Faceache, personally I couldn't give a monkies but, why didn't he follow his fellow sikh from the WG who is clean shaven and wears a bearskin, just asking like
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  13. Johhnyboy,

    I believe that he is a 5k who strictly follows all 5 elements of religion or something like that. As an old cold war chappie I say good luck to him, as I often say to civvies is he a good soldier - yes, well no one cares what colour, religion, hairstyle etc.