Bears walting as boxhead squaddies ?

They must be Royal Signals, the front two are too pissed to stand.
I think the lad that needs the haircut was my old SSM in 2 Div (same unit symbol as some WWII German tank unit no less)
you in the middle GET A HAIRCUT
The guy in the middle with the long hair is obviously so sh1tfaced, his mates are having to hold him up...
is this the bear, bear grylls ran away from
devilish said:
The guy in the middle with the long hair is obviously so sh1tfaced, his mates are having to hold him up...
Well spotted that man, obviously SSM material
pupgreen said:
what astrange picture-mascot,,??????
I'm assuming that this is an original pic from WW2 and not a bunch of re-enactors.

The look on the Bears face makes me laugh...sort of stunned :D
I think he looks quite happy to be out and about with his mates..
Love how the two flanking the bear are standing to attention.

"Prisoner and escort, 'shun! Prisoner and escort, quick march dohfdighdohfdighdohf..."
The Rodney (or Hun equivalent) on the left has got convoyc0ck, you can see it under his coat
Its our Royal family pre xmas party thats Chuck on the far left ...guess which ones Camilla.
Who said Nazi's had no sense of humour?

the Bear does looked 'gassed' though..
[ I'll get my]
I believe that it was a prototype 'advanced gilli suit'. I am also led to believe that we are currently trialing a similar version for use in desert conditions. An 8 foot long scorpion. Ingenious.
Ah, I've seen this before; this was the winner in the 'dress up the Jew in a bear suit and see how fast he can run' competition.

With a grin like that he obviously made it past the butts.

'Sie mussen be svetting in zat suit jugend, time for a shower, neh?'

...and look at the face on the bloke 3rd from the left, it's a purler; looks like he's got his hand in his mates' back pocket grabbing his bumcheeks.
This was a special scientific unit who would undertake studies to confirm how many old wives' tales had an element of truth.

In this case they are branching out into some of the unanswered questions of the early 20th century - Do bears shit in the woods?. The answer is unrecorded, but the prvious week they'd proved unequivocally that the Pope was Jewish, and as a result were under threat of being closed down.
Otto Skorzeny's cunning plan to infiltrate Buckingham Palace dressed as Guardsmen wearing bearskins had one fatal flaw........
Is it the Wehrmacht equivalent of ENSA rehearsing their production of "The Jungle Book"?

"Look for zer bare necessities
Zer simple bare necessities... Hans, keep up...
Forget about your vorries and your strife... Wolfgang, kick, 2, 3, step, turn, 2, 3.."
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