Bears in China

I agree eve - do you think the bears on the panda cam posted yesterday know how lucky they are?
That is truly appalling. There is something sadly lacking in the oriental mind, the casual abuse of animals and people is endemic. As a people, we have our faults, but by comparison, we are paragons of virtue.
eve1962 said:

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be part of the human race :evil:
But there's also the ones who dedicate themselves to turning such appalling cruelty around. Nothing to be ashamed of there.


F&ck the bears. If they were stupid enough to get caught in the first place, they deserve all they get.

I can see why Eve the Man and Jack the Poof have an interest in bears though...........they both like it up the hoop from big hairy gay truckers like HGVTOO.

Brooom, broom......trucker for!
World Society for the Protection of Animals does work to try and stop cruelty on a worldwide level and this includes bears. Why not add them to your charity list and don't forget to gift aid your donations if you pay tax

Its not only those from the far east that are capable of such horrific treatment of animals.

The single most appauling thing i have ever seen (in terms of animal abuse) is bear baiting in pakistan. It wouldnt be so bad if they didnt remove the bears on method of defence (its teeth and claws are removed), but then they tie it to a post and set a group of pakistan pitbulls on it. You can guess the outcome :cry:

Bear baiting in pakistan

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