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Beards, yes or no?

Do you think regs should be allowed to grow a beard.

  • Yes

    Votes: 36 29.5%
  • No

    Votes: 86 70.5%

  • Total voters


Book Reviewer
No goatee beards.

Only cúnts have goatees.

Also, along with the bumfluff rule, minimum rank should be LCpl and the beardee should be able to demonstrate, that they can fit at least 12 two pence pieces into their foreskin, before permission to commence beard growing is granted.
Only 12? Won’t they rattle in an annoying way?
The main reason for no beards is that you cannot make a proper seal when using a respirator (the same applies in the Fire Brigade and Breathing Apparatus). I've had a beard since I left the LFB and after GW1. As it's the NAAFI tits bugger *********.
The reason could be described as utter bollocks as other nations, the Navy, certain appointment's with the army, those with medical conditions, certain religions, SF and women can have beards.
It's an old rule that the penises at the top of the army won't change because, (like allowing us to decide whether to wear our sleeves up or down) it will be the end of the army. Some SO2 paper clips manager wrote in the soldier magazine that the army couldn't possibly allow beards as there are too many styles to regulate. The fucking buffoon.
Some of the greatest ever Britons have sported beards.

Harold Shipman
Peter Sutcliffe
Jeremy Beadle

There must be something to be said for them.
never trust a man (or woman) with a too-tidy beard; add Noel Edmonds and Rolf Harris to Ze Liszt.

I favour a 'Lemmy', minimal work, little easy bit to shave to pretend you care.


Book Reviewer
I suppose the younger man is so fucking hen pecked and emancipated that he has lost his manliness completely now. What with fucking footballers advertising face creams and shit. The only way a young chap can remotely feel different to being a woman is to grow what she can not .... Unless she is from Scotland, the land of the bearded woman.

Why don't young men simply grow a set of fucking balls instead.

Stupid pretentious looking cunts the lot of em
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Some of the greatest ever Britons have sported beards.

Harold Shipman
Peter Sutcliffe
Jeremy Beadle

There must be something to be said for them.
Jeremy Corbyn.

You are Bugsy’s bezzer.
What next? Manbuns? <makes retching noises>
no Far beards are far too scruffy

And why the **** should hipsters, lumberjacks and trade union commies be allowed in the glorious British Army.
Breaking News:

Not everyone on this site is in the British Army.

And I’ll wager your skin's ne’er felt the lash of a cat, been rubbed with salt, and then flayed off by a pirate chief to make fine stockings for his best cabin boy.
Here's one of my old School/FB friends who caught the Lesbian, with some of her 'macho' bearded' chums.

Beards = Gay


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