Beards, yes or no?

Do you think regs should be allowed to grow a beard.

  • Yes

    Votes: 50 32.3%
  • No

    Votes: 105 67.7%

  • Total voters
No goatee beards.

Only cúnts have goatees.

Also, along with the bumfluff rule, minimum rank should be LCpl and the beardee should be able to demonstrate, that they can fit at least 12 two pence pieces into their foreskin, before permission to commence beard growing is granted.
Not in the military but I do have a beard. Along with instant coffee, spray on bath, clip on tie and slip on shoes I get an extra half hour in bed in the morning.
No. Beards are for cnuts who don't have the discipline to get shaved.


Gerry Adams
Jeremy Corbyn
Diane Abbott

you get the drift.
And the Pioneer Sgt, obvs . . .

People who sport a beard are cünts to a man and woman.

Hey, I’m not sexist.
I've got what I think is a serious question, although perhaps not so much in the UK. In some parts of the world the sun can get pretty fierce in Summer, so one would think a beard would be a good protection against a sunburned face, and possible skin cancer years later.
Facial protection is actually part of the reason a Pioneer Sergeant is allowed a beard, I believe. It was to protect their face against sparks while hammering hot iron and other things on anvils.
Fair play lads, maybe it's just one of those things I don't get. Like black alloy wheels, I just don't understand why one would have an beard.
Some of the greatest ever Britons have sported beards.

Harold Shipman
Peter Sutcliffe
Jeremy Beadle

There must be something to be said for them.
Don't they ever sharpen those axes? A good green timber axe should be able to shave the hairs off your arm. The one the Pioneer Sergeant is carrying looks pretty dull to me. (Just taking the Mick, I wouldn't tell him he's a lazy unshaven so and so either; I can neither fight well enough nor run fast enough.)
The main reason for no beards is that you cannot make a proper seal when using a respirator (the same applies in the Fire Brigade and Breathing Apparatus). I've had a beard since I left the LFB and after GW1. As it's the NAAFI tits bugger arseholes.

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