Beards required for Afghanistan deployment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by in_the_cheapseats, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    RAF Regt has decreed that their people should grow beards to "fit in" and boolster relations with the locals. I see it says the Marines have been getting hairy as well but I assume that it is because they don't want to waste water rather than a PR exercise.

    Anyone know if the same direction has been handed down to the Army yet?

    See here
  2. Its a very sensible thing to do, as the locals only expect a smooth chin on a woman or 'beardless youth'.

    The Para's were without gillete were they not
  3. But it could go too far:

  4. RAF Regt when will they be mixing with the local population from guarding the inside of the wire?
  5. I actually suggested that soldiers should do this at a Fam visit (when the officer asked how my anthropology background would be useful in the army...) and was laughed at.

    But in a deeply patriarchal warrior society such as Pashtunistan, a male without a beard would be either:
    a) a child
    b) a bummer- or in fact, bummee, as Pashtuns have no qualms with an, er, active role in homosexuality...

    either way, the village elders wouldn't be convinced that they'd offer much protection from 'manly' heavily bearded hostiles

    re RAF Regt, there was a linked news article on arrse a few months back about them conducting patrols in villages some distance outside Kandahar airbase.
  6. Only on the direct orders of Her Majesty would the BSM of my first battery (94 (New Zealand) Battery RA) allow soldiers (and officers!) not to shave! Probably a good job the old boy has retired.
  7. Ah, a two way street.

    Afghan National Army types shipped over to Europe for extra training had to shave off their beards!
  8. Good idea. Especially for medics who have to go "hands on" with Mr. Jingly on thursdays and in remote areas. I fcuking swear the little wierdos were just getting off on some infidel fetish trip...
    PS It's a good idea not to shave your balls in theatre either.
  9. That settles it ! no need for members of RAF Regt to grow beards then and just carry on as usual! what about the bearded women in RAF,do they count?
  10. Although well within the protected (sic) zone; they are patrolling outside to deny ground for saboteurs and mortars rather than mixing it with the local populace in the traditional sense. What they are doing is still base defence really, which does not require a Merlin-esque beard.
  11. Except in the Palace Theatre Watford.

    Encores can be difficult though.
  12. Thinking about though, a goatee might go well with the Oakleys. What about particularly hairy bugger's grips?
  13. Cheapseats - local guidance (currently) is 'if you're in a SF base for more than 4 days - shave'.

    Clearly depends what your role is.
  14. apparently blokes in Burma, in WWII, used to walt it up by growning WG Grace specials. Wanted people to think they were Chindits. See G MacDonald Fraser, "quartered safe out here"
    Looks like the rock apes are keeping yet another tradition alive!
  15. I've got a pic of my Great Grandad sporting the biggest, bushiest fcuking beard ever - Black Jocks c1890

    His beard is even bigger than my mother in laws