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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by two_of_seven, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Who can grow a full beard in today's army ?
    (afghan pics show just about everyone with one.)

    Is the rule for in the UK only the senior Pioneer sgt of each battalion or are others permitted too?
  2. Most of the WRAC I came across had beards (you might detect a couple of double entendres in this post).
  3. I do believe that beards are mandatory in the Afghan army.
  4. There were a few ZZ Top lookalikes (FFR Pioneers) on parade in Paris on July 14.
  5. delete WRAC insert AGC & their beard is now more obvious these days.
  6. IIRC; Pioneers, HCav & RHA Farriers.

    (And those with laminated no shave chits.)
  7. Does it depend on what CBRN risks are present in an area?
  8. Do people still bother taking respirators on tour? :?
  9. pipe majors?
  10. Yes I know it's old and from the Dalai Mail

    That was from 2006.
  11. Do you reckon the Army really abandoned more than a century of military tradition by allowing us to grow beards? O r was it more to do with the practicalities of suppling enough water and of course local customs.
  12. The army abandoned more than a century of tradition for the reasons you gave as well as the lack of CW threat.
  13. Though I wonder how this has affected things:

    Yanks call Our Boys scruffy

    Apologies that I couldn't find the report in a proper newspaper.
  14. and no doubt the tradition is reinstated by the Really Scary Man once back in UK
  15. We used to jib about the Dutch soldiers in BAOR in the 70's - some of them used to have to wear hair nets.