Bearded Crabs


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Just read on Defence News Daily that the Crab regiment is allowing officers to grow beards for their upcoming tour of Afghanistan

RAF Regiment personnel to grow beards for Afghan deployment
Several newspapers report that personnel from 51 Squadron RAF Regiment are growing beards in preparation for their forthcoming deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan. The Squadron, based at RAF Lossiemouth in Morayshire, requested permission from senior officers in order to help them win hearts and minds of local Afghans, for whom a beard is a symbol of stature and masculinity. Squadron Leader Tony Brown, Officer Commanding 51 Sqn, said:

"It is essential that we win the hearts and minds of the local people, the majority of whom are friendly towards the NATO forces. In the rural south where we will be, beards are a big thing culturally and represent strength and virility. Beards engender a lot of respect in the local community and this may help to open doors and give us a rapport with the local population."

Are any other units doing this or are the Crabs getting all folky and taking their arran sweaters along as well?
I think the rockapes all have a secret wish too be Assault Pioneer Sgts to be honest, saying that i am sure the arran sweaters will go a treat with their M&S slacks.

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