Bear with big is the standard issue sandbag?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rodney2q, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. I run a model making business and during a discussion about scale sizes the subject of sandbags came up - in particular the dimensions of the standard British army sandbag.


    Damned if I could remember - so anyone got one handy? Dimensions in inches please!


  2. Slow day at the office then?
  3. Theyre about big enough to fill with sand and be heavy, or wrap round a shovel.
  4. British Army Hessian Sandbags, ideal protection for Property in areas with High Flooding risks and Emergency Flood Protection.
    Even a foot or so of water around your house from minor flooding can cause severe damage.
    There are two ways to protect doorways, the most likely place for water to find a way into your home: Sand bags and Urethane Foam.
    Sandbags have long been the most common method to get some protection, but many local governments limit the number of sand bags provided to each home, possibly enough to barricade only two doorways. Some have stopped making them available at all.

    Length: 750mm - Width: 330mm - Colour: Hessian
  5. Erm, actually we are quite busy and it was part of a working discussion. You tend to have strange problems in this business - like how big is a standard sized allotment?*

    Ah, the wonderful world of model design!



    * This one cropped up last friday. Using the traditional anglo-saxon measurements they are either 5 rods or 10 rods.

  6. Thanks - have a nice day now!


  7. Why do you have a bear with you?
  8. it all depends actually....speaking from an RE point of view......if, in fact said sandbag is a full one.....or a half one. You see...a "Full" sandbag was only filled 3/4's. You need a bit of space near the neck to tie it shut! :twisted:
  9. The issue sandbag is exactly the right size to hold £1 7s 3d worth of offal (at October 1968 prices), and three ha'porth of chips (without vinegar).

    It can also hold 74 days' worth of rat droppings from two NATO standard rats.

    The issue sandbag can also be used to wipe down a Mini moke, and will soak up and retain 150 ml of bodily fluids.

    Alternatively it can be used to contain 2.4 chickens or 4,000 rounds of 5.56mm loose.
  10. business partner said there'd be a sapper hanging around on Arrse with nothing to do...


  11. i'm multi tasking! 8)
  12. Depends. African or European?
  13. :D :D :D :D :D

  14. See, if you'd only asked last summer, I'm certain that somebody from the Gloucester/Sheffield/Hessle area would have been more than happy to nip out with a tape and get the dimensions for you.

    Whatever the size, if you want to sort out that bear I'd only half-fill it so you are left with enough to grab hold of.
  15. I think its great when a keen as mustard young nig has one neatly rolled up and attached to the back of his webbing only for some old sweat to come up to him and say "Give us that sandbag for the brass"