Bear Skins ... going going .... shoot the doo gooders!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by pomps, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if it is old news but:

    Just saw this and snarled... :evil:

    More bears are killed every year by cars than hunters so what gives??

    Sorry chaps... once these morons get hold of it.... it is not going to go away!

    So we need your suggestions on new head dress for the red coats......
  2. How about we skin the protesters and use them...must be a fair amout of beaver fur available
  3. Skin em??? What a waste of time, just put the twaats in a mass grave! (Unless of course you were thinking of skinning them alive - now we're talking!!!) :twisted:

  4. Seeings how the Gds Div is smaller than a couple of football teams now, I would have thought road kill would have sufficed to ensure a supply.

    The protestors should concentrate on real issues like getting all the rats out of Westminster.
  5. How many bearskins do they go through in a year ?? How long does a bearskin last ?? Can,t be that many surely. These animal rights terrorists (usually lefty class war kn0bs) are just picking up on this to have a pop at the monarchy me thinks. Cnuts

  6. Sadly they're breeding black bears for hunting now. 'Outdoorsmen' are guaranteed a kill at various dude hunting camps in Canada, the bears are baited with (I kid you not) donuts and blasted from about 30 feet. Now I'm no lefty class war... errr...knob though that seems a tad unfair and most unsportsmanlike.
    Black bears are breeding prolifically in New England, my dogs chased one off my property the other day, though most are republicans and reluctant to enlist in the service of Her Majesty.
  7. Isn't there an annual cull of Black Bears anyway (IIRC is where the fur comes)?
  8. Agreed, theres a diffrence in shooting an animal for sport & shooting one for food / clothing etc. For sport you stalk the animal & its got a chance to get away (part of the thrill/chase in hunting) . For food / clothing etc you dont want the beast to get away so deploy any method at your disposal to catch it. Yes these "hunting" clubs sound crap. Do they then flog the skins to the Guards Div ?????

  9. my skin was made in the 50's,

    alot of officer skins are past down the familys, and most of the old ones are brown bears which have been dyed black, if you look closely you can see a brown shimmer in some,

    reg bands are the worst for cutting the fringe off so they can read sheet music.

    hope this helps
  10. I had a lovely old skin........ it had been cut and had a great tail. In bright sunlight it would shimmer brown in the breeze.

    That bear did not die in vane, it gave me a great item of head dress.
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    & mine.
    Comes up every few years. Same old ....same old.
  12. And long may they continue. Sometimes you have to look at these animal rights cnuts & wonder ??????????????? Shame....

  13. Yep, it crops up regularly enough...... and has done for years.

    Now, the cows that died to make my boots is a different matter......... they should have lived, cos those boots fu.cking crippled me.
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    So Jabob, a Coldstream eh?
    What's it like to be in a junior Regt named after a town inScotland? :p
  15. Coldstream is in England....mlaaarrrrrr....