Bear Grylls

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hard_Corps_Badger, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Is it acceptable to admire him or is he quite clearly supported by a whole Log Bde in each of his programmes? Discuss!! :-D
  2. who is he?
  3. waaaahhhhh!!!
  4. Not again....
  5. that subtle sarcasm or was Carb right to wahh you???
  6. Sounds like a big man who barbeques a lot.
  7. I personally think he is a legend! Ray Mears who?!
  8. He's certainly prettier than Ray, I know which one I'd rather share a cell with.
  9. Ray Mears offers more to eat!
  10. just look at the credits and the end of each program he has advisor's galore different ones for each program, not disputing his talents as a rock climber/adventurer etc.. but come on.....he is a tv presenter :wink:
  11. Outstanding.. that is a very good point. Although in survival i would rather stick with Bear as Ray Mears would be breathing out his arrse if he tried to keep up.. then get eaten by a giant panda!
  12. Bear does appear to be a little more hard core than Ray as well...anyone who licks a tree rather than pop 2 paracetamol has to be pretty hard!! I'd end up licking a fcuking nettle knowing my luck!!
  13. never heard of this Bear bloke. Is he a medic? has he any affiliation to the AMS and thats why its in the AMS forum? Not a wah, just dont know who he is.
    Got a link to him?
  14. its usual ARRSE procedure for the originator of the thread to provide the link.