Bear Grylls the Born Survivor roughed it - in hotels

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Novelty_troop_tiff, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Beat me too it Novelty Troop Tiff!

    I watched the episode with the one where he attempts to 'tame' a wild horse (they were apparently brought in by trailer) and thought it was a bit fishy. And I wondered about the one where he is sleeping and a bear is outside noises. Surely the soundman and a tape player?
  2. He's a drama queen walt. OK, so he's allegedly ex-21 or 23, but his patter is absolutely rubbish and he has serious ego issues. I saw him scrambling through a crevasse then going down some waterfall and harping on about it being the most dangerous thing in the world...ever. Somehow the cameraman managed to do it and keep pretty boy in focus and in shot. He's forever walking through the desert claiming to living on the edge of survival but carrying no kit whatsoever, meanwhile the crew and tabbing along with him easily enough. Definitely a of guy. Any experienced soldier watching that crap must look at him, about 12 years old, saying I was in the SAS, climbed Everest when I was 8, landed on the moon for my summer holidays and I did it all without help from Nanny. One of those guys to whom everything has come easily, a life of privilege and now he's big-timing it as a real soldier. But, hey, he's a millionaire and I'm not!
  3. Yeh, yeh, yeh. When you've completed SF selection, recovered from a broken back and gone on to summit Everest.........before your 24th birthday, let me know, I'll shake your hand and buy you a good dinner. :yawn:
  4. and relax.

    He's making a TV show. The story is doubtless set up in advance, and pre-choreographed. Be a very dull show if it wasn't - the horse might not be available.

    He was 21, did break his back and now has found a career as an 'adventure personality'. BTW he has also raised a deal of money for charity, including SSAFA Forces Help.

    He's not trying walt it up, just to sell the TV show. End of.
  5. If he's been part of 'THEM' than he can do what the fcuk he likes as far as im concerned. at the end of the day he films himself doing REALLY disgusting things like eating live fish, or carry on chomping on a dead Zebra where a pride of Lions have had their fill. Drank the the juice out of an Elephant turd too. Fair play to the bloke.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Bear Grease doesnt do Reality TV, he does Mockumentaries which are not filmed 24 - 7. So he stayed in an hotel during filming? Big deal. What do you want? Strap him onto the wing of a 747 and have him do a HALO over the Canadian wilderness?

    If you dont like it watch the Tellietubbies. They never stay in hotels.
  7. The teletubbies are as bad as Grylls, they didn't do all the chasing round themselves, but had body doubles. And it was the film crew that ate all the rabbits.
  8. "The Eton- educated 33-year- old"

    correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that slightly over doing it if your after a forces job?
  9. You're wrong, consider yourself corrected. He's not after a forces job.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well you were not there when they turned up at short notice for a morale raising tour in Basra. I was and I can tell you they were just like ordinary people and had time for everybody. I took this photograph just before Gen. Sir Micheal Jackson came onstage, sniffing back the tears, to call for a rousing three cheers.


    They're well frocking 'ard your Teletubbies, I should Cocoa.
  11. Well its pretty much "suspicions confirmed" but its still good telly so i say good luck to him..
  12. Bear Grylls is an enormously likeable 'TV' personality for the 'yoof' generation. I feel however that he's behind the curve.
    Time for a change of 'Manager' me thinks.
    Bear, if you are not carefull, you will be the 'Michaela Strachan' of the 'Survival' world, loveable but all very shallow. Before long you'll be joining Ben Fogle on 'Countryside File' on Sunday mornings discussing the latent fighting qualities of Labradors or how to avoid Rover, the fat copper's Alsatien.
    Joe Kittinger's record still stands (I believe). Nish endeavoured to give it a go, why don't you? Age, experience and grit are all in your favour.
  13. Ouch! thats cold Bob, but probably true. :lol: