Bear Grylls scout knife

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dobber, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. I've recently seen both versions of this knife on RVOps. My understanding was that knives could not have locking blades/blades over 3" unless you were using it in your work. Both of these blades tick one/both boxes.
    Surely then you can't reasonably advertise these as scout knives? It would be illegal for a scout/cadet to carry one.

    I was looking in to buying a knife/multi-tool. Some clearing up would be helpful.
  2. I have no idea but no doubt someone on here will give you advice. I have a US navy EOD knife that looks like something out of a horror magazine. The blade is about 7 inches long and has a saw edge on top, a point you could skewer pykies with, is non sparking, non magnetic and a **** to keep sharp. I have to keep it in a locked box and when travelling with it and it has to go in the boot of my car. Reason I keep is that, apart from the fact that I don't see why I should give it up, it is heavy enough to cut through roots and what have you when excavating round stuff that was dropped a few years ago. Being non sparking and virtually non mag is an added bonus.
  3. I've got a 12" chopper. I don't use it as a rule. Don't carry it in public either. I just use it at work.
  4. The wording is something along the line of needed a good reason or lawful authority to have said blade. Gardening, cutting rope, outdoor pursuits (that require a knife and are otherwise legal) should all constitute a good reason, but plod can be funny sometimes.

    Folding blades that are less than 3 inches are specifically exempt from these rules (except when the last comment above applies).
  5. So you are a gay hooker who lies about your size. Disappointing for some, no doubt.
  6. This helps a lot. But how 'funny' could they be if say, you were on the way home from a camp with one of these non-exempt knives in your pocket. If plod sees you in uniform in a public place they might want to stop you anyway... Being under 18, especially.
    I wouldn't have any reason to do this and would avoid this sort of thing at all costs. But it's still helpful to know.
  7. Knife legislation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wouldn't rely on that mind. Generally speaking, if you have a solid reason for it at the time you are stopped it's not a problem. I imagine you'd be ok in uniform, as well as the scouts or cadets. If I remember correctly, the Armed Forces are exempt from the Knife Act regarding possession. That said, they have tried to nick hikers etc. My Leatherman has a locking blade longer than three inches, so not sure about that!
  8. Good example I think is the professional cook or butcher?

    A butcher or a cook carrying several in his pocket I suspect would be in trouble. A cook or butcher carrying a set in a case in a closed bag would have far better defence?

    I think scouting, and l know Cadet Counties, have very firm rules as to what they allow. Some counties ban knives completely, and some restrict the carriage of a legally bladed knife to senior cadets.

    The whole offensive weapon thing is complex, and oddly enough, it only occurred to me today after a mild argument with some chavs messing up my dog running area with bottles, to wonder if I could be counted in possession of an offensive weapon, viz the dog's favourite three inch diameter fence post that he carries everywhere?
  9. If you go to any Bushcraft type shows, and everyone, men, women and kids, will be walking around with fixed blade knives. The Rozzers will be in attendance and never seem to show any interest at all.

    Where it does get a bit vague are with the Leatherman/Gerber multitools things; strictly speaking they are lock knives but the latest cop-out is to call them slip joint knives

    There's this from Heinnie Haynes that may be of help Knife Law LINK
  10. I think it would be unlikely that the police would S&S anyone in military uniform unless they were being a massive cock, it just doesn't look good

    truthfully if you were coming home from camp your best bet is before leaving take your knife and put it into the very bottom of your bag then put every other bit of cra you have to carry ontop of it NEVER store a blade iny our pocket as if you do get stopped you have instant access to it
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  11. It's tuck'd away in my pants. They maybe on fire :)