Bear Grylls puts Navy reservists through their paces

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 21, 2012.

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  2. Module 1 - How to get your flunkey to book a hotel room

    Module 2 - How to make it look like you've spent a week living in a hole made of sh1t and a rotting deer. Etc, etc.
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  3. I served with his brother...Bacon.
  4. Have you met his his dad?

    George Foreman.
  5. Yes, now you come to mention it, before he died and his Mum too, funnily enough. A dodgy pair if ever there was one - Dad was a crooked Tory MP and was implicated in some nefarious brown enveloping and Mummydear ran an empire of pyramid sellers flogging waterfilters, and some sort of strange pill that made one fart but was apparently good for the soul.
  6. Send MILF Report. Over.
  7. But could any of you walk a mile in his shoes ?
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  8. If they were size 8, yes.
  9. Some people like poo and cling-film.

    I prefer gloves.
  10. I take it the 5 star hotel module will be omitted or is that only for the RAF survival course.
  11. I prefer a toilet.
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  12. Do you think Bear spent that cold night on the mountain letting Miranda Hart peg him with a frozen cling film wrapped turd?
  13. Probably, part of the share bodily warmth rule I gather, and who can blame him? Tho she's a bit of a dog tbh. I imagine having Cheryl Cole stuff her frozen poo up your ricker would be more satisfying. It's called 'space docking' isn't it? Not that I'd know, ahem. Nothing like that ever happened on my weekends away..
  14. Bear is doing the right thing hanging around with gentlemen from the Navy.

    He is guaranteed to receive some length, not that he is gay, far from it in fact. He has a wife and children and is therefore not homosexual in any way shape or form.