Bear Grylls - Mount Everest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Look's like our intrepid adventurer is embarking on his riskiest escapade yet!

    Willl he succeed? Will he even survive?

    Or will he, as he gravely intoned on the TV ad, fail while daring greatly?

    Easter Monday @9pm
  2. Im sure he's an awfully nice chap, and has done stuff with 'them' and could survive for days on a witchetee grub's fart, but his name makes me giggle, sounds like a type of Canadian steak.
  3. The walt's Walt.
  4. Old news Taz. He did this a couple of years ago.
  5. Sure he did it last summer.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Did he fail while daring greatly?
  7. The point is that he has done it and some of us wish that we had the resources to do the same.
    Poor old Bear has been raped before for his Meja exploits. It is only entertainment and not to be taken seriously
  8. I wouldn't class going over the summit of Everest with a giant fan strapped to your back enetrtainment! His 'survival' shows are one thing but this is different gravy, it is hardly a tv stunt.
  9. Is there an echo?

    Anyway, it would probably have hit the papers if the goon- faced walt had crashed to an icy doom.
  10. True enough, regarding his effort but everything that is presented on TV whether it is "news" or a game show is presented for our "entertainment". The Powers that Be have not yet worked out a way of delivering bread to us as we watch but it will come.
  11. For some reason he always reminds me of Damien off "Drop the Dead Donkey"

  12. "Careful, dear boy. Kormorants!"

    (My favorite bit was when he inticed with a bar of chocolate an African child playing happily, cuffed him around the ear and then filmed the report with the kid crying his eyes out in the background. :D )

    As for Grylls, he's marginally less entertaining than a case of knob rot. At least you know the knob rot will get better eventually.
  13. "At least you know the knob rot will get better eventually."

    So there's hope for me.
  14. Bear Grylls! If he wants to get on telly he should just do a gardening show, it was good enough for Titchmarsh and he got to stare at the ginger birds norks all day.

    Wierd attention freak wouldnt want him anywhere near me in a "real" situation