Bear Grylls Grizzly bear attack horror!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hat20, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. 'If you go down to the woods today........' no limits to the hell this bloke will put himself through to give us entertainment :lol:

    To the viewers, it was the moment TV adventurer Bear Grylls narrowly escaped the attentions of a hungry wild bear.
    Yet it seems he was not in quite as much danger as those watching might have thought.
    Grylls was menaced by nothing more threatening than a colleague in a fancy-dress bear costume, according to a survival expert present at the filming.
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  2. Dammit! And there I was getting my hopes up that he'd end up as the contents of a pic-a-nic basket.

    Does anyone know how we can get a grizzly bear Fedexed to the cnut's house?
  3. No point in sending it to his house, by all accounts he's enjoying the hospitality of a 5 star hotel - anyone got his room number? :D
  4. Ray Mears would have built a 5 star house for the bear, out of a piece of raffia and a dead hedgehog.
  5. Ray Mears would have scoffed the bear and turned the pelt into a Teepee.

    He's been eating primitive cultures out of house and home for years.
  6. Is Ray Mears the new Chuck Norris :)
  7. Is Bear Grylls a Walt too, apart from his teddy Bears picnic, when he makes the vague "Special forces" claim at the start of his programmes?
  8. You can tell it wasn't a real didn't sh!t in the woods!
  9. He must share producers with "Trigger happy TV".
  10. Send Jeffrey and Bungle next time. They could do with the work.
  11. Three years 21 SAS (R), no op tours and certainly no regular SF.
    Very nice bloke tho has to be said.
  12. Really Nosher :x do you not realise the real danger he could be in if they did! just think what could happen if Zippy went with them,if he caught his??? in that zipmoth....I think I'm going to swoon over my keyboard with fright 8O .Channel 4/Discovery have no right to expose us lesser mortals to such horrors as it is,so please Nosher do not encourage them to bring in more terror!
  13. He claims to have seen "active service" in africa.