Bear Grylls - born sh1t eater


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The suggestion that he gargles spunk is at odds with the images of his heroic and completely unscripted dicing with danger that one sees on the telly.

I think TwoBob TV has done this hero a disservice.
The real hero is the bloke who has to hump the camera about
The whole survival genre is ripe for parody. This is a good start, but I think the Mearsmeister constructing a Travelodge from dried grass a twigs with baboon room service is a winner.
What a superb video - the actor has him to a tee.
Mr_Deputy said:
I don't think I can get past the first 2 minutes without pouring orangeade all over my keyboard or whatever the currect expression is for 'laughing unexpectadely'*

What I mean is - from the bit I've seen I think that is bl00dy ace. Got the style right.

* I wasn't expecting to have to spell that word and so have done it very badly indeed.
You want to watch all of it!!!! :D
It's very well filmed and, as was said, the actor does an excellent "Bear Grylls". It really is hilarious.
tropper66 said:
The real hero is the bloke who has to hump the camera about

You're quite right there of course.
Genius stuff that.

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