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TU-95 BEAR COMPLETE on eBay (end time 23-Oct-10 18:34:02 BST)

Yes, its the real thing and the pictures are exact. Probably the best known Soviet cold war bomber and famous for I believe, being the loudest propellor driven aircraft made.

The 'Bear' we are selling is time expired, but complete with usual passports/logs.

Ebay is good for selling the unusual. We have sold other similar units from 'Mi-24 Hinds' to 'Missile launchers'. But ebay also brings out the worse, but this normal. We dismiss nearly all questions and certainly dont answer any unless name and address is given along with only landline number. We will also look for some kind of proof you are able to proceed financially.

We have a dedicated department dealing with worldwide licence/shipping logistics. We can provide this but have to charge for the many hours of work it will take. Minimum price will be over £2000 + VAT.

For interested overseas customers we will need an EUC to comply with usual BIS export controls.

We have listed a very high price for a purpose. We are not expecting of course (although it would be nice) to achieve this, but we are looking for very serious offers. We know what aircraft like is worth, and unless you are a very close friend of Rosonboron in Russia you won't be allowed to have such an aircraft.

In the beginning 1950 The international political situation demanded prompt a more strategic component Soviet Air Force. July 11 1951 issued a decree Council of Ministers № 2396-1137, and the corresponding order of Ministry of Aviation Industry № 654 , according to which the EDO Tupolev instructed to begin designing a new high-speed long-range bomber .

The head works on the subject Tupolev was appointed NI Bazenkov. Already July 15 1951 under the guidance of S. Jaeger in OKB started to develop tactical and technical requirements for new aircraft and its schematic design . In August 1951 started to train workers drawings the future of the bomber and the construction of its wooden Layout. October 31 1951 Commission approved the Air Force developed projectIn December of that year, was approved and endorsed built by the time model.

In the airplane factory number 156 was included construction of two copies of the plane " 95 ". K September 20 1952 one of these planes in pieces was transferred to airfield City Zhukovsky, Collected and transferred to the factory test .

November 12 1952 crew test pilot AD Hop made its first flight on the prototype " 95-1 ".

The tests successfully continued until May 11 1953When during the 17- second test flight in an airplane as a result of the destruction of the third gear the engine fire broke out , ending in disaster. Prototype bomber crashed near the town Noginsk before reaching the airfield . Out of the eleven people on board , only seven were able to escape . Killed the commander , flight engineer , navigator and an expert on vibration test .

Almost two years of continued training and operational development of the second instance of the aircraft, which were given new , more advanced engines TV -12 , later renamed in honor of the designer , Nikolai KuznetsovIn NC - 12.

Prototype of " 95-2 " made its first flight February 16 1955 ( crew test pilot MA Nyuhtikova). Flight testing continued until January 20 1956. During this half year " 95-2 " has made 68 test flights ( total flight time - 168 hours).

In 1956 Tu -95 began to flow in part of long-range aircraft (in the newly formed 409 th TBAP at the airport Uzin Ukraine ) . In 1957 aircraft has been upgraded with option Tu- 95М adopted for use . To 1958 Kuibyshev Aviation Plant construct 50 Tu- 95 and Tu - 95М ( some of them - in variations of nuclear- weapon- Tu - 95A and Tu- 95MA ) , then switched to production of modified Tu - 95 K ( rocket ). Tu -95 was the basis for the development of such aircraft as the scout - pointer Tu- 95RTS , long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142, airliner Tu-114The plane RPA Tu- 126. In mid-1960 release Tu- 95 K has been discontinued.

In the late 1970's based on long-range antisubmarine aircraft Tu -142M was a new plane, called the Tu - 95MS bombers. In 1981, commercialized by Kuibyshev aircraft plant. In 1982-1983 Tu -95MS bombers began arriving in the 1023rd TBAP (Semipalatinsk), Replacing the oldest in Air force Two 95М . By mid- 1980's new missile-carrying Tu- 95 K was replaced and supplemented the Tu- 95 K -22 in 1006 , 182 and 1226- m TBAP (Uzin, Mozdok , Semipalatinsk). By the early 1990 's have been fully formed four regiments of strategic bombers in the 37 th VA SHAPE (CH). Series production of Tu- 95MS completed in 1992 (Total released 90 aircraft ) .
Glad to see they "Accept returns".

£10m - ok, but it'll probably need to go on the left hand side of my garden because I put in a plum tree last year.
probably work out cheaper than mr4 to get flying lob whatever you like in no worries about power or making stuff compact:)

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