Beamish Open Air Museum - What a rip off!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cutsy, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Decided to take my family there yesterday for a little Bank Holiday jaunt and I think I should have turned round at the admission gate. Why? £16.50 for adults, £10.00 for kids - that is just pure bloody extortion isn't it? The museum claims to be dedicated to the people of the North East and they're working lives. When I went round the mock pit village I thought of all the old miners of the pre WW1 period who would never have been able to afford such days out if available back then. For them it would have been a miners welfare rail excursion to Redcar, if they were lucky - ironic I thought!!

    If anyone from Beamish reads this please come on and justify these rip off prices.

    ARRSERS - Where were you on Bank Holiday and did you get stung as well?
  2. Why are you moaning.

    Legoland cost's adult £30 Child £23 !!!!
  3. I quite like Beamish and think it's value for money. Sorry Cutsy.

    It could do with additional subsides though, that would reduce the entrance fees. Write a letter to your MP o_O
  4. Slightly off topic, Redcar has been turned into Dunkirk I understand.
  5. In the Mirror last week, good prop effect.
  6. It is on our list of Places To Take Foreign Visitors. Entrance is expensive but if you get into what is on show, the place is very illuminating as to how things used to be. My father-in-law was a stereotype Geordie and he said that things were very accurate. It does serve a very useful purpose.
  7. Daily Mail pics of Redcar as Dunkirk
  8. Hey Cutsy, you didn't get dragged round there with schools twice and then again by the parents. Peed down biblically everytime so wind it!

    Wonder what its like not head down in kagugle-that-folds-into-a-bumbag...
  9. Made Redcar look like wartime Dunkirk - can only be an improvement.
  10. Just to put this in perspective...Playmobil Land in Germany charges 35 euro's for a family of five.
  11. As a lover of anything historical, I have a huge respect for what is on show there - it shows life in the North East as it was and that is important to preserve. Mad Moriarty wrote about Legoland but you expect that with a theme park don't you and rides are included. Ok, at Beamish you can wiz round on the trams all day but you had to pay extra to go on a ride at the old time fair ground - £1 per token=1 ride.

    Someone mentioned Redcar and as an ex resident(now living up the road in Stockton) I went down there to have a look as filming for Attonement was on between 21st - 24th August. It was really impressive what they had done there and I'm looking forward to seeing the film, if just for the Dunkirk scenes!!
  12. I pay for entry into Beamish using my Tesco Clubcard vouchers - not like spending real money at all.

    If you work out the cost per hour - spend a full day there in summer - and it's compares favourably to other places.
  13. Will it make you feel worse if I tell you we used to walk to Beamish and pay 1 penny (large, picture of some bloke on it) to get in!!

    Aren't all large tourist attractions expensive though, they are after all businesses and set their prices as a result of market forces ie you paid.
  14. Hate to rub it in, Museum of Welsh whatever at St Fagans is free to get into, as are many other attractions in the principality thanks to the wasters in the Assembly.
  15. Don't worry Rockhopper, the taxpayers (Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English) who live in England are paying for it.