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DJCS Arabic, Pashto & Farsi/Dari Language Course, DSL BEACONSFIELD

Ongoing Requirement - Jan 07
Pte - Maj

This Tour consists of approx 15 months Language Training, 2 x 6 month deployment all associated leave totalling 36 months. Language to be determined by DLACC in accordance with operational requirements. Call FTRS for an Information Pack.
Any of you on the course or know someone who is?

Seems quite attractive - take a couple of tours on the chin in return for a new language.

Something tells me that I'd be more likely to spend two six monthers watchkeeping and attending meetings in HQ MND(SE) than indulging my "Great Game" fantasies of slinking around Afghanistan dyed black wearing a shalwar khameez and fearsome beard.

I'd appreciate opinions, though.



Double-posted in TA and Int Corps
Thoroughly enjoyed my time doing...what was that language ?
Good point is that there are some good Indian restaurants in B'field (Old and New Town) to get you in the mood for the North-West frontier.
Bad point is the shed loads of vocab every night but that goes with all language training.
Never had to dye myself black, though. But it is useful to have a hobby at the DSL.

Seriously, language ability was then very useful getting a job back in the real world.

I am a linguist by trade, and spent six months in Al-Amarah with two guys who had done this, neither were FTRS though, but the course and subsequent employment are exactly the same. They both were able to do a stirling job as well, despite the fact that Arabic was a new thing to them. There were other guys on their course who were deployed in Iraq doing all manner of language related jobs. I doubt very much you'll end up watchkeeping. Can't really go into detail about employment on here due to opsec but if you want to know more, PM me.
I had a partner here for over a year on course so spent a lot of time in Beaconsfield.
Nice town - good pubs and restaurants. More expensive than average but also nicer surroundings.
Quite camp - good gym - non existant naffi - I think the language course were running their own bar when I was there.
Good connections to London by Rail or metro from Amersham (which is cheaper.)
Like previous poster said - have a hobby!! Somewhere to go nearby on the weekends aswell - like I said - very quiet camp.
Lots and lots of potential for employment now if you have Arabic language skills. Have a look at for examples (in the non military domain)
I have a mate on the said course at the moment, and Another mate who did it last year. All I can do is echo what other people have said, its an excellent course and well worth it. I did the 3 month arabic course there in 2003, which was intense, but good. The accomodation is a bit pants (it was so bad that they moved us juniors into the Sgts mess for the last couple of weeks!) But as they said its a quiet camp with little or no bull *hit. I remember the funniest thing about it was that thre was a junior ranks room thast had a fridge in with beer in it and it had an honesty box to put your money in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the replies - especially to Bagster.

Just for the benefit of anyone who's interested in the course and finds this using the Search function, I've been awarded a place on the Dari / Farsi course beginning in Jan 08.

I'd be more than be happy to offer advice to any would-be applicants, or point them in the right direction to chat to guys further down the line.

I'm on the package right now, it is eally good, the course is excellent the tours aren't back to back. It is open both to Regs and Reserves

The downsides if you're on the FTRS some of the jobs are rank specific so if you aren't an officer you won't get some jobs and if you are a junior you could find yourself doing a job above your pay scale, and they won't (so far haven't given it to me) give you pay of higher rank or acting/local rank.

But the course is really good, all the DS want you to pass and some of them are really passionate about you learning what they view as their language. It can be hard work and the routine can get really monotonous but if you stick at it you can really reap the awards.
Afternoon Gents,

Im an ex-regular who is currently serving with the TA. Reference the language course is it capbadge specific or is it open to all?

Open to all I believe, from private up to Major.
Hi Charlie
I read with interest your comments on here. I am currently with a T A Unit, and am in the process of applying to FTRS for a place on a language course. I have a forthcomming interview, and would be very grateful for any help and advice you could offer and what I need to know for the interview. I am interested in studying Arabic, but am under the understanding that this is only ofered to Navy personnel so think I will be offered the Dari/farsi course if awarded a place. I note that your comment is from 2008 and would be interested to know what you have been doing since completing the course.


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