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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. very sad
    but asking after the rather nice camper van they left behind probably not nice. :twisted:
  2. I was there on Saturday. Trying to remember if it was parked in the car park then.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Not nice, not a nice story at all.

    Their little-un died after being ill for some time, and they simply couldn't live without him.

    Naafi or not, it started my day off sh!t this morning when I heard the details of why they'd jumped.
  4. i misread the story a few times, thought it a murder/suicide
    didn't realise the boy was already dead in the rucksack till i heard the news this morning
    absofuckinglutely tragic
  5. I heard about this in the car on the way home last night.
    Thought it was a suicide pact & murder of kid in one go.
    Even spoke to the missus about how someone could kill their own child whilst taking their own life.
    I didn't know until this morning that the wee kiddy was already dead.
    Poor bastards.
  6. Many moons ago I watched my 18 month old son stop breathing due to an extreme allergic reaction. Thought he was a goner but the skill of the paramedics, and their speed of response meant that he survived unscathed.

    After the event me and Mrs Baiter both agreed that, had the result gone the other way, we would have just gone to a nice quiet spot and top ourselves. No point in going on after your only child has gone.

    Had to sniff back a fair few tears when I heard about these poor buggers this morning
  7. It has been revealed they were from Westbury in Wiltshire, Son had been in Bristol Hospital with meningitis and was declared brain dead a few days ago. Very Very sad
  8. I hate to sound heartless, but I found myself curiously unaffected until I heard about the lad having meningitis. I'm not sure about their style- I'm sure they'd have done something different if they knew what the Coastguards would have to go through to recover them, but I totally understand their reasons.
  9. Just the most tragic thing I have read in a long time, if there is anything after death then I hope the three of them are together and happy again.
  10. Very sad. I lost my fiancee to meningitis just over 2 years ago, and it's only the fact that I've got kids that stopped me from doing something similar.
  11. I get very frustrated and upset when I hear of selfish parent(s) who kill their chidren and then commit suicide. The child can easily be spared and although may require some therapy in later life, will still have a life.

    The asian lady who jumped in front of a train somewhere in the south a few years ago holding a baby in her arms and the hand of a toddler in the other. She apparently was depressed because she couldn't speak English well enough and her marriage was crumbling. Selfish cow!

    I've got three children and it would deversate me if anything would happen to one of them, but having an only child die must make life feel pretty empty and worthless.

    Terrible incident.
  12. Anyone got a link to this news? I've been a wee bitty outta the loop in regards to the news over the last week or so, due to exams.

    From the sounds of it, it sounds bloody awful.... And for once, something I can't crack a joke over.
  13. my 4 year old daughter recovered from meningitus and scarlet fever after contracting both at the same time in february. she was in a coma for days and i thought i was going to lose her. she has recovered completely but i can so empathise with these parents.

    very tragic story but why is this in the naafi?
  14. The original poster made a joke about what they might be doing with the camper van now it was no longer required by its owners :twisted: Which in no way raised a giggle from me :twisted: