beach volleyball

last night I sat down and tuned in to watch the v/ball between US and China expecting to see a game consisting of skill and dexterity between two opposing teams,
But NOOOO all I got was extremely gratuitous up-crotch close ups of sweaty minge areas and breast shots, now I had to tolerate over an hour of this lazy camera-work! and the end of the game I didn't even know the score.
I suppose I will have subject myself to another hour of this tonight to try to catch up on the results, has any one been watching this? is there anyone I can complain to?


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Where is the LINK you bastard!!! Or at least tell us what channel and time.
Come on give us a link,,,Beach Volleyball,Mmmmm and I'm not even sporty..........
Can’t remember from where I sourced this lot, but - as I’m a generous sort of fella - I’ll share with you some of my “stash” . . . . :)

(I know not the same as the moving, talking, TV pictures =| )


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