Beach voleyball - what a bloody con!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. It's all fit young girls in bikinis.

    Where's the proper beach volley you saw in the pages of Health & Efficiency when I was a young with loads of old birds with dagger tits jumping around with wrinkly old men in the nuddie?
  2. Come on. admit it, you thought it would be Iceman and Maverick in some Homoerotic event?
  3. When is that toned and buffed Daley boy on?
  4. Dunno, PM jarrod

  5. Hasn't the restraining order kicked in yet?
  6. What's that, Jarrod for PM? He couldn't make a bigger arrse of it than CMD.

    As for the beach volley ball, I've got bigger tits than the competitors FFS. And, no, no pics before any of you cnuts ask.
  7. Well one the Canadian bints had a 'tash ffs! But the wee Scots lass had a cheeky tat. The real scandal here my friends is that there were EMPTY SEATS!!! Before anyone says owt I'm still bared from Horse guards after the millennium Tattoo thing involving Kate Adie, Sir Mike Jackson and a dildo.
  8. I used to like looking at the girls pics in Health & Efficiency too, until the dreadful day when I saw a real nekkid one in the flesh.
    I have never gotten over the shock and horror of finding that they have some sort of untreated wound down there. Some of them even!!!
  9. Jee-zus is that natural?
  10. Is this some new sport involving aquatic rodents?
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  11. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Judging by most of the technical literature I peruse, they're stamping it out.
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  12. I reckon I'd have bigger tits than you. I bet you're still in your training bra.
  13. There was a nice,very do-able Chinese bird in the Mail with nice tits, I always fancied a number 26, I only had a number 4 before.
    The trouble with you lot is your spoilt for choice and like me most of you are wankers, old ones at that.
  14. only on the legal ones
  15. And do these beach Volleyball girls all bat for the other team?

    The girls are constantly hugging each other and slapping each others arses.