Beach Rugby 7s

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Outstanding, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know anything about the Dutch Rugby 7's in Ameland?
  2. Saw it on tele last year. I am thinking of entering a team myself this year, but am having trouble getting details.

    If you get anything please let me know.

    My understanding is that it is a competition over a weekend with teams of 6 or 7 played on a huge beach. They have a league system leading to the normal 1/4 and semi-finals before the big final. Its a mixed thing apparently as i seem to remember it's beach touch rugby.

    If i do find anything i will PM you with the detqails, please do the same if you get info.
  3. Try this link -

    It's all dutch, but looks easy enough to fill the entry form in. I new there was a reason that i had binned looking at this years comp, we already have a tour planned for the same dates.

    Good luck with your entry if you go for it.
  4. Good Link - thanks, It has an English bit. Note that it is 7s, no mixed games (Girls are seperate) 5,000 people at the Beach party and R Sig UK already entered.
  5. Is the Radish going with you??
  6. No mate, we hope to enter a Germany team.