Be warned

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OldRedCap, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. ORC, should you still be looking at pictures like this at your age! :thumleft:

    B_AB, did you leave the computer turned on in the office?

    Feds, you'll never change :highfive:

  2. Was I supposed to get a strange stirring in my loins?????
  3. ORC - did you find that site by accident or have you just got strange tastes? :brilsmurf:

    Actually, taste is probably the wrong word to use :thumright:
  4. And if you're into baboons in a big way, another warning.

    Gruesome VD hits Tanzania baboons

    Well at least they won't even be thinking of ripping off your windscreen wipers.
  5. Take that pic off the site or my missus is going to sue.
  6. Is sue a neighbour?
  7. Fcuking hell...Sue!!... I knew I'd seen them bubbly flaps before.
  8. Mental note NEVER to respond to any ads where the woman describes herself as 'bubbly'.
  9. Oh its HER - thought she looked familiar - I just couldn't put a face to the flaps (literally :brilsmurf: )
  10. my penis has retracted into my body.
  11. Probably not the first time you've had a cock deep inside you.

  12. Barsteward - coffee all over the keyboard and sore ribs laughing :thumright:
  13. still got it M_S.