Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits.

I've heard that too. But I'd still be prepared to bet that they don't :D

Nah, nothing like real coffee. Honestly, I never understood bushcrafty types dropping a twig into some boiling water and then raving about it tasting like nectar of the gods.

If in a bind, or on E&E, stuck in the middle of nowhere, with a tin can in your possession and you can rub two boy scouts together to make fire, then yes, some ersatz coffee, or tea, is welcome. Otherwise, nah.

Boil some water then:

1. Drop in some pine needles and let stew for a while before drinking,
2. Rose hips,
3. Dandelion roots. Best if cleaned and dried totally.

Lots of other variations:

Back in WW2 when Germany was really suffering and they could not get coffee they used acorns.

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Dandelion coffee is sort of acceptable. I made some out of large root sections. They stink when you roast them off but you have to get them very dark, black even, or they go gooey. Did it once; don't need to do it again.

So what you are saying is that you would still rather go without? ;)

I've got a small field full of dandelions here, and with decent coffee locally at around 12€ per kilo, perhaps.... no, it's probably just as well I'm not the entrepreneurial type :D


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Bears eat wild garlic when coming out of hibernation - it kick starts their digestive system.

Nice in soup too.


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Saddle of Rabbit, roasted with seasonal veggies served with a red wine gravy ....


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Quick thread update. The owner has now been found. The rabbit however, has buggered off (probably sick of my dog barking at it).

I'll be sure to try some of the suggestions if it does come back though.

Thanks for all the replies, both the useful ones, and those that were just entertaining.

... and tits like coconuts. I've heard.
Our neighbour's free range rabbit is on the loose again!
My manager says that you should try this.......
Problem solved she says.



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FFS, does nobody know how to set snares these days.


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