Be The Best - put out to grass

After a quarter of a century it would appear that “Army Be The Best” is being retired.

Apparently the phrase was introduced without market research and it has taken over 2 decades to decide that it isn’t fit for purpose, however, rumour has it that after extensive (and probably very expensive) current army research the tag line is apparently to be replaced by, drum roll...............

Absoloutly nothing :)

Is “nothing” more reflective of our new self? Have we finally given up the ghost, have we accepted that our decline into mediocrity is complete and to be summed up by simply a union flag and the word army? Is it a master stroke of genius by our (probably very expensive) consultants? Does anyone even care? :)

So the great, good, not so good, pond life (and Johnny Boy G’s at the bottom of the swamp), there is a tag line void to be filled to describe our glorious institution, over to you..... ^~



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Army-be second best?


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'Army: it's a wage and you'll probably not get killed'.

That'l be €25000.00 please.
It's still better than shelf stacking for Aldi.


Army. Get Thrashed.

Army. Who?

Army. Fuck that for a game of soldiers.

Army. Stab your way to the top.

Army. Shit and getting shitter.

Army. Sodexo hands us our arse daily.

Army. Deploys by kind permission of PFI consortia, if it is advantageous to their shareholders.
Join the Army

It made Dinger the half man he is now

On a more serious note, the best slogan the Army had was "The Professionals" in the late 70's/early 80's, on the back of the popular TV series of the time. Would it take much if a marketing budget to resurrect that, and pay ITV to re-run it, using the Network remastered 1080p version...
There was one that went around years ago to encourage recruiting to a "proper" regiment

British Army: Be Well Bred.

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