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:) Why is it we are better than any other arm within this website is it that we are more intelligent than the FOR EXAMPLE the gunners i mean they are nicknamed PLANKS so it must signify something, or not, i know within our corp we do have our very own mis guided soldiers, i.e STACKBAT, PIONEERS the pioneers been more so mis guided prehaps they should have been recruited under the artillary at least they would share a brain cell between 10 of them, however what i really mean is be the best be rlc, Is be a driver, look anybody can ruin a good meal hey slop jockeys, or anyone can post a letter ,posties and everybody can fold blankets and count them if your sad that way hey stackers and pioneers nuff said but i know you could probably sl@g us drivers off and probably will however remember everybody can drive its a matter of how well. :) :) :) ;) ;) :D :D ;D ;D 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
1 word....Grammar!

Full stops: to be used to denote the end of a sentence

Question marks: epnoymous

Comma: to break the otherwise ebullient flow of a sentence

Sentence: the discrete unit if grammatical measurement

Lexicon: the use of standard letters and words in sequences commonly understood in a given dialect

I trust this helps.
OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! I hope that's a challenge!  ;D
To the Trog T**T who posted this subject. It must be said that you know not alot about the Corps you are in!! Do you know what you are on about???? I know Females who are, or should i say more knowledge when it comes to Basic Soldier skills than male drivers, remember Trog, the Better trained part of the Corps is slowly but surely adapting to any job(s) which is given to us (ie OP BANNER) and still being able to complete against other ARM's without any drama's. So remember you can only do one thing, and not that well at that. So shut up or put up.


;D Oh poor poor chunky pioneer bob so dis gruntled is it because your at the c""p end of the scale within the RLC, cos lets face it, It does´nt take alot to become a chunk now does it, Lets look at the computer test within the recruiting centre you could probably score zero and they would let you in, Come on your not the brightest trade in the loggies are you Gravedigger

PS put up or shut up
All the best Trog
Come on the drivers lets show em! who rules the RLC.
As one of the poor souls who had the RLC thrust upon them (through no fault of one's own), I feel that I must enter this debate.  I'm sure that my username indicates my former (glorious) Corps and way back in 1993, I too slagged the other Corps that now make up the RLC.  However, having seen the RLC on numerous Op tours, I now have the greatest respect for Pioneers (dual trades - build it, then blow it up), Chefs (an Army marches on it's stomach etc etc), and my fellow Truckies (goes without saying).  But who the hell invited the "Blanket Stackers"!  With the exception of the more specialist former RAOC trades (Ammo, Fuel, Veh Specs etc), the Supply trades are one group in the RLC who rarely appear to pull their weight.  As for the MTI trade - what ever happened to professonal soldiers first; tradesmen second.  A few years ago, RCT SNCO's had to qualify as instructors in infantry as well as trade skills prior to promotion..........The quality difference still shows; except for those who have to wear the rank to justify accounting and write-off powers.

Anyway, I feel that I need say no more on this matter - as last orders beckons.  :p
Ach.. you've got to give the Pioneers their dues..

They can put a sh't load of tents up in not very long at all, and to be honest, they DO put up with a LOT of crap from above. ESPECIALLY the old 170 we have..

Example of : "Hey 170.. Build 2x Corps Level HQs for us.. We're only going to be in them for about 6 hours, but do it anyway. Oh! And when we're gone, can you take it all to bits, run it all up to Sennelager and do it all again? Cheers!"  

I'm telling you.. it's no wonder so many of them are signing off!
Ahh yes 170 Sqn.  I had just compiled a suitably complimentary reply - offering to buy you all beers in the PMC (even provided my Credit Card details!!) when my connection dropped off and I lost the lot  :mad:(CO...please have a word with the G6 guys to sort their act out).

I have had the pleasure of working in STAR and know what a balls-ache it is to put up and break down.  Keep on smiling as life can't be all that could be a Sup Spec!!! ;)
Oi! Remember!  It's not STAR anymore.. 'tis Step Up/Tac/Alt is it not!  :-/ They do that every time!  And it's usually just after about 1500 Ex Passes have been issued with the 'old' name on it!  Ah well.. last to know.. first to care eh! ;D
I must say Trog that the RLC is the easiest corps to be in with basic training that is by far the easiest to complete,thats why you have many useless people in there,but also some good ones too.I dont like the idea of you slagging off other corps when you seem to know so little about your own  ??? are you not happy in your job ?


Funny old thing that but i do know about my corp and yes sadly enough to admit to it i am happy in my job
Trog you so love to give the arty grief.  I think that you secretly want to be called a gunner.  I can also see that you are a hardcore pre RLC soldier who believes that all the RLC should not be tarnished with the fact that you have cabbage mechanics and blanket stackers in there with you.  



gunnerq i think your right about one thing and that is i am a hardcore pre rlc driver rct to be exact.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I thought i might add a bit of class to this board.

Ref to the runaway buisness that is a misconception believed by all truely stupid people. especially the engineers.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I hate the way people say that the Artillery ran away from their guns they obviously havent got a clue about the true story,and the fact that other corps copied us with the lanyard,im not getting into a fight here,but before you slag people off trog please get your facts right mate!!!  ;D
Now Now Trog....this is my forum, and I set the rules, and as far as I am concerned all are welcome here to experience the greatness which is the RLC!

How is life in the Women's Auxilliary Baloon Corps Flashy?

Share the Love people!

This what you mean by Be the best RLC ;D ;D ;D

p.s. you cant see it on the photo but the sticker on the back of the truck is the "Army Driver, Be the Best" fantastic bit of advertising ;D
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