Be nice about Defence Estates or Modern Housing Solutions

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BuggerAll, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    In my most recent complaint to MHS I have invited them to look at a thread I started about the minor irritants in quarters:

    In the interests of fairness I'm asking anyone with anything nice to say about DE or MHS to put it on this thread.

    I don't have anything good to say but i'm sure there are satisfied customers out there
  2. To be fair, in my experience DE, at site level really do try hard and provide as good a service as they can within the budget allowed, the problem is just that, Budget Allowed they, along with the rest of the estate setup can only operate within the given budget.

    Its the TLB's and higher (Political & Treasuary) that really need to get a grip.

    It doesent help though when the users get pissed and wreck the place... or just dont take the same amount of care that they would with their own place... We then have to spend cash out of the budget to fix something that shouldnt really need fixing... thereby leaving no cash to fix other stuff.

    Note, the fine or charge for Barrack Damages does NOT go back into the Station/Unit Estate Budget to replace the money spent to repair it!!

    As to DHE or the replacement Modern Housing Solutions.... No recent experience with them.
  3. This'll be the worlds shortest thread then. :roll:
  4. You'll not be wrong there flash
  5. I've not had any problems with MHS, MHS Helpline or any of the contractors that have carried out repairs on my quarter. All seemed very helpful and have done a good job. Althought they do seem to buy cheap materials, that break, and you end up calling them out again ... aaahh, now i get it!

    The people who i have a gripe about is the housing allocation office. Bunch of un-helpful mother-fcukers. When i moved down to my current location all they could give me was one totally un-suitable, poxy flat. I'd even been round the area and pointed out that there were several million other vacant properties that would suit our needs, but they still wouldn't budge. Just fob you off with some bullsh1t and refuse point-blankly to help. Cnuts!!
  6. I'm afraid I've nothing really positive to say. If DE are reading this, take note....

    1. Five roof tiles blew off my roof at the beginning of Jan, leaving a gaping hole. As luck would have it, it happened during a bout of particularly bad weather. It was a two week wait before MHS came to repair it, but if they had used a bit of common sense and pulled their fingers out the day I reported it, they would only have had to fork out for a few tiles. Now they will have to pay to replace parts of my ceiling, and paint it afterwards.

    2. I reported my central heating broken back in November. I was visited in turn SEVEN times by plumbers, heating engineers and general dogsbodies before it got sorted out. Excuses varied from 'wrong problem reported', 'didn't have the right tools with them', 'didn't have replacement parts', and 'wrongly allocated time slot', not to mention the manpower shortages that High Wycombe area have been experiencing.

    3. I reported my garden fence when I marched in, as a few slats needed replacing and a support beam needed fixing correctly. They came to look at it, but decided against any action, saying it wasn't that bad. After the aforementioned storms in January, not to mention my next door neighbour's boisterous kids, the fence has now nearly fallen down altogether.

    The money is there, it's just being poorly managed. The boys on the ground try their best, but are being let down by the muppets they work for.
  7. If you are being charged and fined in the disciplinary sense for damage done then the cash should be going to wherever all fines go, however if you are being billed for repairs to either the block or a quarter and the money isn't used for that purpose then surely that is tantamount to fraud in as much as the money is being taken off you under false pretences!

    Before anyone jumps down my throat I'll clarify that this is only my opinion based on no legal knowledge whatsoever and I'm perfectly happy to be corrected by anyone who has an opinion based on actual knowledge.

    As far as being nice to MHS is concerned, I've found the MHS contractors to be generally pleasant, competent and more pissed off with the system than me. The helpdesk, management and complaints system however are a complete joke.

    Don't get me started on DE. It's a toss up as to who'd be the first against the wall, them or Brown.

  8. Just make sure DE wasn't involved in building the wall :lol:
  9. I think they are nice; every time they fail to turn up for an appointment I now get £20 in gift vouchers and it is keeping the family in birthday presents.

    Had the compensation scheme have been in place when I moved into the quarter then it would have done Christmas as well.
  10. I think they are nice; every time they fail to turn up for an appointment I now get £20 in gift vouchers and it is keeping the family in birthday presents.

    Had the compensation scheme have been in place when I moved into the quarter then it would have done Christmas as well.
  11. My personal experience with military housing has NEVER YET been a good one. I have been in for over 20 years and it has just got steadily worse -from a poor starting point.
  12. I have yet to be a customer of MHS.

    On the flip side DE's CR would read along the lines of "consistently fail to achieve the low standards they set themselves".

  13. have been waiting 2 weeks for my oven to be repaired, although I would say the help line have lovely music while you wait to complain, only to be told their supervisor will call you personally as it is unacceptable to wait that still waiting! :x
  14. Thank God the helpline isn't in a call centre somewhere in India.
  15. If it was it might be more efficient