Be kind to Chavs Week

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. I've put this forward as a propsal to my MEP. Every year, around Europe there should be a week devoted to people being able to go up to a chav of their choice, say "I'm going to be kind to you" and then giving them something. What would you like to give?
  2. trip to the hospital?
  3. one of those language packs on how to speak English - innit
  4. A short sharp lesson in respect for their betters :twisted:
  5. 20 years of hard labour

  6. A short H&S talk about the dangers of wearing plastic and nylon clothing. The illustrative part involving the flamethrower usually improves their dancing technique as well as their awareness.
  7. A swift size 10 to the bollocks, followed by a knee to the nose
  8. Invites for them and their friends to walk down a closed off alleyway/ country lane, a 10 minute soap period with myself and anyone that wishes to join me, when they walk past, ambush sprung - Gaps bridged (fist to face, knees to balls)
  9. I'll take my foor on their heads when they are taking a drink in my toilet!
  10. A bullet to the head without 2 to the kneecaps first.

    Thats ever so kind.
  11. The knee capping, then when the are back home in front of their family, THEN the head shot!

    This will help to reinforce the idea, work is better than living / scrounging off the state.
  12. A large injection of bleach to the carotid artery.
  13. Would you like to be my pet? Imagine the fun with the neighbours.!!! I've got a chav on a chain!
  14. 20 or more mils of air into any artery! Cheaper that bleach! Using the same needle until it's blunt . . . . . . :wink: