Be Honest.......whats your 1.5 mile run time?

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Last time I did one of those I had to collect a packed lunch and finish on the same day.


(an old one I know but I thought it would nice to get in first!)

Between 10 and 11 minutes, but varies widely. Gotta go for the 1.5 mile run with my local army careers on Monday morning, will help to gauge whether or not I'm upto scratch.
I got 10 bang on at selection but wasn't particularly training at the time. I think at selection it was the first run i'd done for 6 weeks what with slacking around xmas and new year period. I got Pirbright May 26th.
I'm looking to get 10 mins flat atleast before selection. I will do another 1.5 miler before my interview on Monday. But I've been concentrating on longer runs carrying weight to build my endurance, which will enable me to maintain a faster pace for longer hopefully when I do the run.
around the 11 minute mark which isn't good but i have only done it once because atm im only concentrating on building my body up, im already a decent runner.
what is an acceptable time though say for the RE? i heard if ur under 12 minutes you're ok?
Is this a 1.5 mile 'best effort' run done after an original 1.5 mile as squad? And is it done in boots and denims or trainers and lycra? Or am I so out of date that I should just get back on the Ark?
heidtheba said:
8 - 8:15 at 33 years young :D
7.33 @ 41 (your trainers are in the corner fattie!) :D

We are talking about on a cross trainerwhilist getting an eyeful of nubile younger ladies down the gym, aren't we?

Only me then... :roll:
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