Be honest - how much weight could you drop from your bergen

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The_Swede, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. If you think about it right now, what extra cr@p do you carry in your webbing or bergen that you could drop? Even the odd ounce here and there - it all adds up...

    Edited for stupidity.
  2. Swede,

    Speak to your neighbours the Norwegians. Its Bergen. Capital B. After the town in Norway where they were originally designed, allegedly.
  3. Bergans of Norway

    At Bergans, we are proud of our history. Ole F. Bergan invented the Bergans pack frame, and already in 1908 he had patented the frame carrying system. This is the same fundamental idea on which the construction of today’s modern backpacks is based..

  4. The adjutant's answer highlights so many of the postings on this site. Smart Arse answers. Bergen , the town or man, is a PROPER NOUN. bergen as used to indicate a back pack is a NOUN and does not therefore carry a an initial capital letter.If one was carrying a Bergen on his back it would be one man or one town. The point is , "What would you drop from your bergen to reduce weight"
  5. Most of the crap in my bergan i have to carry .Its stuff in my webbing and smock which tends to end up being dumped in my bergan as I find its useless
    What I dont understand is people whose belt kit weighs 30lb without ammo.
  6. We have lost the ability to be 'hardy' and be uncomfortable in the field. We carry far too much kit. Given our enemies by and large carry 2 x spare AK mags and a nan bread we ave little hope of effectively patrolling while we are dressed as robocop. I think some of the equipment budget should go into designing a decent load carrying vest that incoprates Body armour and fighing order into one. As per the USMC.
    Apart from that: Share sleeping bags - 3 for every 4 pax.
  7. Join an AI or Mech Bn and load it up to f~ck - the wagon does all the work!
  8. Good point. The protection vs mobility vs firepower argument applies as much to infantry as to armour.
  9. At an equipment roadshow last year the staff said they were looking at that very thing
  10. Is that not what Osprey is?
  11. no osprey is a bird.

    taxi for me.
  12. Agreed, I've spent the last 6 years getting my kit down to the lightest it can be; I've traded KFS for all-in-one 'spork'. I've purchased my own Softie sleeping bag. I traded my goretex bivvie for a much smaller and lighter variant. I managed to get back to having only three utility pouches on my webbing (which I still prefer to this Osprey gag).
    I've managed to get my kit down to a small, manageable and light system.

    Now I'm going on All Arms and it's back to issued G10-kit and a full kit list full of extra clothes, extra boots, trainers ('harbour shoes' apparently), knives, string - so much extra crap I've never needed. It's supposed to be so that everyone is on a level playing field apparently but if we were issued decent (small, light) kit then this wouldn't be a problem. We could also then perhaps manage all the batteries and new kit that is coming out (new NVG's, new Binos, batteries, chargers, etc for starters)

    It's just a whinge though, I LOVE IT!
  13. You seem to be clued up on the Kit there nomadcelt but dont knock the
    ''Harbour'' shoes .Stops you having shagged feet because your boots
    dont dry out . Ok they may not be in your daysac but always have a
    pair of trainers on ex .Its makes good sense.