Be honest- Did anyone like Sarah Kennedy?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by 23GN00, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Sarah Kennedy leaves BBC Radio 2

    So, after almost two decades, Sarah Kennedy finally steps down from the early breakfast slot.

    This begs the questions-

    1- How did she last so long?
    2- Did anyone like her in the first place?
    3- Who is the obvious replacement?

    To start the ball rolling, here are my answers.

    1- I've no idea, apart from the possibility that the Beeb were worried about a backlash from the blue-rinse brigade?
    2- No, not one bit. The constant winging drove me crackers, ie-"I'm not one to moan, but..." followed by an hour of moaning.
    3- I'd like to see Martin Kelner given a wider audience. His 'Late thing' on BBC Radio Leeds and subsequent 'Piss Poor Podcast' were legendry.

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    She used to drive me fukcing mental some days
    The stupid cat noises and other stuff
    I used to listen to the music and turn over when she started droning on about Dubai or her other lie ups
    Although when I did hear her I did like the sly digs at Steve Wright (another radio 2 tosser) apperently SW's stood for Steve Wrights I.E. your the greatest DJ love the show creep creep crawl crawl please play my record you bald yid

    Se also alegedly coined the phrase White Van Man
    Aled Jones will get it he's another boring **** so will fit right in

    Radio 2 is realy starting to annoy me thezse days seems 5 minutes on TV gets you a show so you can mince about yourself for 2 hours a day

    Alan Carr, Richard Madely, Richard Hammond and fukcing Lulu sring to mind
  3. Couldn't stand the repetitive old trout-bag.

    Except for the show-tunes ;)
  4. Quite simple. She's a piss head and has right wing views. The BBC forced her resignation because of the later.
  5. Could not stand the woman. Used to be an avid Radio 2 listener until I had to start getting up earlier and the clock radio would come on with her spouting utter drivel.

    She must have been shagging someone high up or has some pretty good photos is all I can say. Racist cow.

    Shelagh Fogarty - now that's a woman to wake up with.
  6. No I didn't. I hope she catches cancer of the vagina.
    The boring old windbag.
    I wonder how many car crashes she's responsible for, with drivers falling asleep at the wheel listening to her?

    Radio 2 is becoming like Radio 1. Full of over paid, self centered, self obsesssed, narcissistic *******.
  7. 1: It lasted so long because BBC R2 tends not to thrown anything away unless it a. fcuks up so badly they cannot keep them, b. steps down gracefully when the time comes (ie Sir T Wogan) or c. dies

    2: Truly could barely listen to a whole show without getting annoyed, the stupid voices, cat noises, the assumption that she was some sort of Forces Sweetheart just because she used to be on BFBS
    I'll give her that the newspaper review could be quite interesting, apart from when she'd go off on a rant about something in there, and the showtune slot could have some right gems on it sometimes

    3: I think Zoe Ball's filled in for her a couple of times and done it quite well
  8. No, I'm certain she was on the early show - Dawn Patrol and all that.
  9. So why didn't they sack her in 2008 for saying Enoch Powell was the best prime minister we'd never had? They could've sacked her there and then.
  10. She was a great laugh; you just never knew if she was going to turn up sober and what she would broadcast. Her paper knickers etc were a hoot and it is a shame she just pickled herself too much as she was a thorn in the side of the pink and fluffy brigade
  11. Shame the chap thats on before her cant do her bit too. When they moved her an hour earlier, I switched to Radio 4.
  12. Thank f*ck for that. Occasionally have to put up with her wittering on those days I am in work very early, almost forces me onto local radio, or even worse - Radio 1! Move Alex Lester into the 5 - 7 slot, he was always good to listen to back when the Kennedy woman didn't ruin the radio until 0600.

    And Lynn Bowles would get it too.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Somedays when I did listen to her rabbit on she left me laughing at what she said and the reaction I expected the BBC to have
    IIRC she burst into tears reading about Marine Crouchers G.C

    Give it to Lisa Tarbuck she's been quite good of late
  14. 3rd Vote for Alex Lester here.
  15. Whatever they do, I just hope they don't move that self-serving cnut Evans any earlier otherwise I'll be leaving for work at 5 to get the journey over before the ginger minger starts.

    My vote would be for Lisa Tarbuck, she makes oi larf.