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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by still21inmymind, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. we used to do that years ago with the nbc filtration unit,,and black nasty...
  2. Not that new really, we did the same thing.
  3. Err, some accuracy wouldn't have gone amiss...



    Do journo's actually do any research these days?
  4. I don't know the layout of a scimitar, but would it really be so impractical to bolt in a refrigeration heat exchanger in the NBC forced air intake?

    I may be overestimating their abilities, but I'd be surprised if a REME WO and a RE WO couldn't work together to produce something effective with an all-up cost of a few hundred quid. Designed, trialled and in service within a month, too.
  5. And you know that's exactly why it'd never be allowed to happen...
  6. Not sure what you are complaining about; they are both patently green (albeit different shades) and manned by soldiers. How much more similar do you need?
  7. Well Nil out of 10 for observation wnker
  8. I would not say that you couldn't cool down a Scimitar in the desert heat but there are a lot of things working against you - and the current (!) power budget within the vehicle isn't going to leave you much to spare, IIRC!

    Warrior should be easier - more power to spare.

    An interesting development task for someone!

  9. OK, so add another £200 for a 5kVA genny to strap on the back - it could have a secondary use powering the lighting at the BBQ - or putting an electrical charge on the vehicle chassis - think Pig.
  10. The firm that makes NBC units also make Air con' units for industrial and civilian use.
  11. Therein may lie the problem. How to sensibly put the job out to tender when there's only one firm got the correct fittings.

    Edit: Stupid spelling mistake!
  12. Eliots at Bishop Auckland - local MP has huge majority so no one is bothered. Perhaps they should open a branch on the Clyde, somewhere the local labour deadbeat is under pressure from an SNP deadbeat. Large orders within five mins.
  13. Good point, I understand the journo's first draft included this Scimitar
  14. are you sure they didn't mean this scimitar....

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