Be careful what you sign for...

So if you were conceived on this train, on this trip, you can blame this guy, and the paperwork will be admissible in court...a whole new twist on the CSA powers if you move fast enough for back dated cash settlements
January 27, 2004

Austrian express
From Mr A. C. H. Cook

Sir, I believe that I can put Professor Ian Fells’s mind at rest regarding his continuing responsibility for the one locomotive and 13 coaches of the Medloc military train (letter, January 24).
Although he signed for the train in 1952 and failed to hand it over to someone else in a proper military manner, his omission must have been corrected by December 1954 because I signed for the same train at the Hook of Holland under similar circumstances.

I was a National Service subaltern, and the only other officer on board was a general in his own coach. My mission was to deliver a most important box to Vienna. I was to guard it with my life and issued with a revolver and six rounds to that end.

A colonel opened the box in Vienna — it contained a sealed envelope and a toy red top hat. I am still not sure whether I played a vital role in the Cold War or whether my excursion was connected with the fact that I had volunteered to be duty officer at the Hook of Holland transit camp over Christmas.

Yours, etc,