Be Afraid: Very Afraid!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Litotes, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Their definiton of vulnerable differs greatly from mine.
  2. I didn't stop laughing for ages. She looks so scary. Any pics of her naked :lol:
  3. Didn't you know all women are vulnerable, especially well armed raving loons
  4. F**k, just checking the locks.

    She'll have to bring her own cricket bat.

    Signed: Scared from Maidstone :cry:
  5. "Her trial heard she beat her lover with a cricket bat, then stabbed him with a kitchen knife at their home in Fulham. "

    And they put her in an open prison? Mind you, if she hides out here in Herne Bay she'll wish she was in Holloway, haha!
  6. So she killed him because he refused to marry her? Christ help him if he'd left the toilet seat up!
  7. I wonder if she makes a good breakfast :p
  8. Depends if you like rat poison...
  9. Auscam, I think we are the only two actually awake at this time of day, but I'm working what's your excuse :D
  10. I have no life. Is that an excuse? OTOH, nobody has murdered me for any reason whatsoever. Still, it's important th have goals.

    No, wait! Time zones, that's what I meant, yes, time zones.
  11. You've nothing to worry about, there are no raving loony women where, are there :?
  12. 'Fraid so, I live in state housing, the place is littered with them. I worked in the DSS for six years (big mistake that was) and thought I'd seen it all and some of it twice, until I moved here...wrong wrong wrong!
  13. Mate, women can be just plain scary at times. My wife scares me most of the time, even when she's asleep :pale:
  14. Struth, I thought only Christian Brothers could do that, and I'm not even a Catholic! There's a story on ARRSE somewhere from some bloke who pulled a chick, went back to her place, did the deed, and fell asleep (as you do)

    He woke up to find her rocking back and forth, crying hysterically for no apparent reason (unless he was a really crap shag) and covered in freshly-healed cuts 8O

    He was trying to work out what to do, when he saw a carving knife on the bedroom floor...decision made, he somehow managed to get dressed whilst sprinting down the street...

    He was lucky to wake up at all, IMO!