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Be afraid - be very afraid

Introducing the Penis-Slicer A safe and effective tool for preventing rape.

What is a penis-slicer and how does it work?

Penis-slicers are devices created for stopping rape. They are made of vapinum, a new substance invented by Marjorie Nakaza and Uni Chan. Vapinum is a soft but firm substance that can be molded into any shape. Penis-slicers have a cylinder-like shape and can be easily and comfortably inserted into the opening of the vagina. With a small razor safely lodged at their center, they nick the penis before it has a chance to fully enter. After being slightly cut, the penis with 100% likelihood will stop its forced penetration. If rape continues to be attempted, the penis will suffer extremely painful, permanent and severe damage. Penis-slicers come in many different sizes (for younger girls also). A web-site will soon be available with ordering information.

For incest-rape, date-rape, husband-rape, stranger-rape; for ANY rape… For in and outside the home.

Because rape is epidemic. Because in the U.S. alone every 2 minutes a woman is raped. Because every woman’s body is her own.

Safe. User friendly. Affordable. Lifelong guarantee. 100% effective.


War Hero
I can see the Christmas adverts on the box now! Presumably marketed by JML and available from Argos, Wilkinson and other purveyors of finest tat!
If you can be sued for say hitting a burglar over the head with a spade, is it safe to assume that the would be rapist could sue for damages done to his person?
If some Twat in a balaclava has already decided to force sex on someone unwilling, how is slicing his bellend of going to help the situation?

Whilst i dont think that anyone should "lie there and take it" surely hacking lumps of his manhood off isnt going to placate a man that has already decided to hurt you.

If he cuts his c*ck can he claim he was provoked in rolling her into a shallow grave?
Not a new idea.
During the Vietnam War, whores with a communist political persuasion, were putting razor blades into corks and stuffing them up their Jack and Danny.

Whore: Hay you, G I. You want boom boom, sucky sucky love you long time.

At least as long as it took the GI to bleed to death from his wound.

Pillager said:
If he cuts his c*ck can he claim he was provoked in rolling her into a shallow grave?
Good point, if he'd only been intent on rape but having his manhood sliced enraged him (quite rightly) and caused him to commit a bit of the old murder would that count as provocation? Yes and no I suppose, No in the sense that he'd shouldn't have been trying to rape someone, Yes in the sense that you dont mess with a man's firstlove and expect to get away with it.

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