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Be A Billionaire And Say Balls To The Lot Of Em !


Kit Reviewer
Hot on the heels of the Make Yourself A Millionaire charity auction for Holidays for Heroes, comes this little gem for all you tight fisted bastards who didn't sub up before.

Now you can bimble off into town with a wallet full of wedge, all it requires you to do is be the highest bidder on this auction.

Help out those less fortunate than yourself and get yourself a real live legal tender $ 25,000,000,000.00 note.

Out with the dosh & we'll help some more families this Christmas.


Book Reviewer
£10.00 to get the ball rolling.

And I think Im paying 14.99 over the face value.
Fred just coughed up for the other, thanks mate
As I said, I should have waited for this one, I'd be much richer for my 50 British Pounds!!!

Oh well, I'll just have to do another hour's overtime!!!

Don't want to work, I should be going on leave now, but because I'm a stinky civvy now, got to work Monday and Tuesday.


Kit Reviewer
I'll go £20. Always wanted one of these but eBay kept getting silly whenever I looked! Rather it went to a good cause than some profiteer :)


Kit Reviewer
Cnuts :(

You could've saved this until Feb when I get my backpay and rise!


Kit Reviewer
Any more ?


Kit Reviewer
That seems to wrap it up, NogBad_the_Bad has collected himself a cool $ 25,000,000,000.00 for just £ 50.00.

Please pay young MDN & you'll officially become a billionaire.
Many thanks for helping out

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