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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by ToddyRule, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Posted to 7 Bde soon and I have been informed that the Bde Sig Sqn RSM has the title Bde Sgt Major. This is the first time I have heard this title, is it being adopted across all Bde's in the field army?
  2. Sig Sqn RSM has always been the Bde RSM. No other WO1s knocking about to take up the mantle.
  3. 20 Bde has a Command Sgt Major (Infantry WO1, though I suspect that it makes no odds) who works to the Bde Comd. The Signals Sqn RSM, is just that.

    The Comd Sgt Major talks to the Unit RSM's to get their view, bloody useful by all accounts.
  4. I had an interesting stand off with 12X RSM in BATUS last year. Told my lads to get off the bus that we had arranged to get us home from Ralfs because him and the Colonel needed to get back. Seemed a bit non plussed when I told him to do one and then suddenly a 'Im the Bde RSM' 'Well Im the Bn ASM and you aint getting on' stand off ensued.
    Funny thing is I would happily have let them on if they had asked but hey ho it was a lesson in manners and how not to talk to someone when you are 40km from home without a taxi in sight.
    Not sure they actually have any function in a Bde, seems to be a legacy appointment
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  5. Waist of f*cking time, a bit like the various other Senior Warrant officer posts that seem to be sprouting up or coming to (self publicised) prominence. Div & Corps Sergeant Majors, COWO’s and the ilk.

    For the actual difference these people make in the grand scheme of things they cost a hell of a lot of dosh in wages and (increased) pensions. It’s difficult to criticise all the senior officer posts (Brigadier & above) when there are dozens of the WO posts knocking around that could be culled tomorrow without a ripple in the pond.

    Also they seem to be creating ever bigger badges for themselves, we almost have WO2, WO1, WO1A, WO1A+ And on until we finally find the tip top most bestest highest most importantist top cat
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  6. You've missed your true vocation - writer of fiction.
  7. I work in a Bde HQ and not heard of Bde SM and besides which the HQ Sig Sqns are being downscaled
    to Signal Troops now meaning that there will be no RSM appointment at all.
  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I agree. 12 x RSMs in BATUS? It was probably just the one :)

    Put the WAH shields away, I was just kidding.

    And I actually know Sparky - so yeah, I can most certainly believe this.
  9. And to think... Bde Sig Sqn Sgt Majors used to be WO2s... you know, with it being a Sqn and all.

    the Bde HQ Sgt Maj is usually the Chief Clk or similar aren't they? That or the Bde HQ RQMS (RSM for the Bde staff only ie the golum like AGC types)
  10. Why would it be fiction, there are enough ********* who believe their rank excuses manners.
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  11. Oh really? PT2 last year, weekend before exercise went live. I am 9 Armd ASM, out with several other WOs from my Bn and a few of my lads who can back up my story. The bloke claiming to be be 12X RSM was quite swarthy looking (and that from me, another strangely brown type), about 5'10 and, like me in his mid to late 30s. Obviously the age thing isn't too helpful as he would have to be.
    I don't play the internet hard man, don't have to.
  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    Has the British Army now started to use American Appointment titles ?
  13. Yes
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  14. Brought in about two years ago...

    Esentially the Sgt Maj of partiuclar formation of about XX size. Feeds info in to the Div/similar commander.

    I 'think' we have three or four now. 1 div, 3 div, support command and one out in Herrick... i my be wrong.
  15. For ******* years ....