Bde RSWO or wot no YofS!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Was looking around one of the Land Commands Bdes and noticed that one of them had a Bde RSWO. I presumed this was a RLC Regimental Signals Warrant Officer. Didn't know they could hold Bde appointments.

    From what I know of this Bde its got (or will shortly) have more IS Apps and other ICS stuff than my own Sqn (which supports a regional Bde) and probably more ICS kit than the Sigs Bde I'm in. Do any other Bdes have a largish amount of modern ICS and no RSigs presence.
    (I know this Bde has only 1 RSigs person, as they were on the same exercise as us last year)
  2. Was this the Recce Bde?
  3. No 2 Med Bde, whats the recce bde, is that something from the cold war
  4. It was something being played with in the early 90s Was based at Netheravon, not sure what happenned to it.
  5. Agreed Polar. They certainly have a fair amount of kit, but who had to provide them with HQ and ICS infra last summer - 2 Sig Bde ! They are incapable of deploying without support from a mainstream R SIGNALS unit to provide them with the infra to connect to anyone - particularly their rearlink to the UK for all that vital med ICS they have. Another excellent case demonstratin how shite our procurement programme is....
  6. Don't Bdes still have a HQ and Sig Sqn to fluff the pillows, bring the Bde Maj his Bushmills, walk the CoS's black lab' etc
  7. Yes true, my siggies/OCdts enjoyed walking over to their location to deliver them messages.

    Is that still true? Doesn't their new kit (not BOWMAN) allow them to deploy without RSigs support, other than that provided by Corsham?

    We also had 2/30 Sigs dets on the exercise and we didn't use them, they were the only det/unit that used us for formal messaging (have we got it so wrong? are we still making cold war estimates).
  8. In the non Infantry/Armoured/Logistics world, no.