Bde Commander's Challanger 2 Tank.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by alfred_the_great, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. I'm re-reading Patrick Cordingley's description of GRANBY, and he describes his Challanger 2 as having 5 personnel - Him, Driver, Loader, Gunner, Cpl (commanded tank when he wasn't there). Where did the Cpl go when the Brigadier was in the tank? Did he hang around with a Landie following behind?
  2. It was a Challenger not a CR2, the Second commander stayed with Scots DG Comd Troop when he wasn't on the tank.
  3. Probably kept him in the bin on the back of the turret!
  4. Why does a brigadier need a tank? it must be difficult to command a formation of that size from a turret, why not something like a warrior command variant? If the brig is engaging targets than something must have gone very wrong.
  5. Maybe because 1 Chally looks very much like another, it offers the best protection, it can keep up with the rest of the battlegroup.Bde...because he's the Brig and can do what he wants...within reason?
  6. M_E - because he'd commanded his Regiment from his Tank, he wanted to keep up with the entirely Armoured Brigade, it was well protected, and it adhered to the "rule of cool".
  7. I don't really think 'cool' came into it.

    Once the commander has issued his orders and planning guidance for his staff, he probably wants to let the G3 staff get on with controlling the battle from Bde Main, while he cuts about at the front looking at the 'real' battle picture and issuing "direct encouragement" where required.

    Besides, what else are they going to send the Bde Comd forward in - a Landy or Spartan, nether of which are well enough protected or mobile enough to keep up with an Armd BG moving at full tilt into the uluu?
  8. The Brigade Commander's tank has the entire breech mechanism removed to make way for a map table, with extra stationary stored in the HESH racks. Replace the crew seats with some Chesterfields, and Bingo!
  9. In a gaggle of CR2 with one WR accompanying the naughty anti-tank boys would realise who the Brigadier was and unleash all sorts of horribleness. Horriblenessity. Spank him.
  10. Don't know about Cordingley, but 4 Bde's Brigadier went a bit "Gung ho" in his Chally.
  11. Would have loved to see that but sadly not the case. Extra radio was all we could fit in.

    Both Bde Comds had CR1, made entire sense as the best and most protected way to get around a desert battlefield.
  12. 4 Bde Comd was "Harry the Heid" only to be expected.
  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Because he never had the chance to play with his tank for real and this was the last chance he's ever have no matter what the fecking consequences of fecking it all up because he couldn't find the right map?
  14. General Cordingley having made his plans and issued orders then went for a bit of a cabby. Though not as gung ho as Brig Hammerbeck...