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  1. Hi , Iam thinking of joining up. Problem is I suffer from a condition called Body dysmorphic disorder. It's where you think you can see something wrong with your body but no one else knows what you are going on about.I see a private shrink who is supporting me in doing this. He's ex army actually.My GP who will write the med doc is also supporting this. Iam not on any meds . Never been in hosptial. It's just a hang up really.

    Iam very physically fit which is a sign of it as I would live in the gym if I could :) .So i don't think physically I would have a problem. So iam going to have a go at joining and I have a question , does anyone know what is the armies policy on taking people with BDD?Iam have been told I am not depressed or anything else.Just wondered
  2. What can you see wrong with your body that nobody else can see?
  3. It changes from mth to mth, I used to think I had a large forehead. I have kind of gone off that idea now...Now I think my balls are too big :lol: I am been assured they are normal size but I don't believe the doc. It doesn't really interfere with my life apart from having not much confidence around women. But is that enough to make an army career unsuitable ? not to me , but I can understand why the army may be a bit uncertain .
  4. Nope your sorted Big Conkers are just what we need right now ;)
  5. Well you dont sound totally barking, just a little odd. If you thought you had invisible wings and/or x-ray vision it would be a different matter.
    Personally I think odd is good, as we all need a target to take the pish out of :wink:
    Go for it, you've nothing to lose.
    Good luck.
  6. As long as you don't ever imagine that you are LJH, you should be fine............
  7. Oddly shaped people with weird names-the place is full of them :lol:
  8. ahh the nonce who 'came out' on an army discussion board..... nah I don't think even my imagination could stretch to that lvl. :wink:
  9. Thats a bit worrying as everyone on this forum thinks the AMS is wrong and I think its right. And your a fu**in Loony. Have you ever seen your Pecker looking 12 inches!! i only ask cause you say youve sen you bangers looking like pears

  10. Nope. I don't think I would be too bothered about that delusion.... if I grow a 12 inch co*k I'll be sure to let you know 8)
  11. As a psych nurse and an avid fan of Nip/Tuck i dont think joining up would be suitable for you mate. i would class you as temperamentally unsuitable for military life based on your disorder. that does not mean you have a problem but just highlights that the army would not be a conducive career move given your disorder. you say it changes from month to month im sorry my friend but the army is a fighting force and the requirement is that of physical and mental fit men and women. Part of being a soldier is to be able to take harmless abuse eg from instructors who will call you names and for someone like you with a low image and self esteem already these jibes would inevitably confirm your insecurity and pre-occupation with yourself which will hinder your ability to function as a soldier. i can just picture you at the med centre you being the one with a 10 inch Fmed 4 of endless appointments for physical complaints that have no medical evidence to back it up. This will inevitably constitute a dispropotionate level of medical and administrative supervision. you will further disrupt unit cohesion and morale because something is always up with you which leaves you open to bullying and harrassment from your pissed of colleagueswho will brand you "weak". this is no word of lie mate, the army is ruthless because you have to bear in mind 60 percent of the infantry is recruited up north and of that figure 80 percent come from dysfunctional bringings whereby the concept of empathy/sympathy does not exist through no fault of their own so you will be tormented until you become a proper patient. i have to admit it does not mean that every one from a broken home is a baddie. my advice is stick to civvie street and continue to see a psychiatrist/psychologist. in the mean time i would encourage you to pursue the things that give you pleasure like hobbies as well as goal setting eg i am to buy a house in 2 years that way having something to aim for in life will give you motivation and will have a direct impact on your self esteem and confidence.
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm sure that BDD is a serious condition for those who suffer from it, but I can't help but wonder if this is a wind up. If it isn't then Mr Mayfield's advice looks pretty sound.

    If it is a wind up then WAH!
  13. Nah it's not a wind-up :D .Thanks for you opinion Curtis. It's good to get two sides to this. My psychiatrist is supporting this and feels I would have no greater struggle then anyone else during basic. He has been working with me for a while now. I get the pish taken out of me all the time. I work in an environment where there is a lot of banter, chefs aren't the most sensitive of people, Doesn't effect me.I do object that you seem to be saying all southerners are soft though :wink: Well I have gone to the afco now and Iam going to start the process next week . The RSC med staff (done some reading up) may well have a problem but Iam going to give it a go as it is something I have always wanted to do.
  14. OMFG what a ******* tosser, how on earth can you diagnose someone, then give them medical advice from only reading about them on an anonymous forum??? Not very professional are you? Are you really a Psych Nurse?