I have 2 friends in RAVC a married couple , both out in Afghanistan , he was injured by IED luckily she was in camp bastion when they flew him in , with bad shrapnel wounds to his legs , they were both flown to birmingham where he went through 2 operations and was told he will be in hospital for 4 weeks , she was informed this morning that she has 2 choices!!! be back in Afghan in 2.5 weeks or get a quick termination and be out of the forces in 4 weeks , which means has no resettlement or anything??? can this be right? it seems to me to lack any compasion at all , and if she goes back she will be a danger because her mind will not be 100% on the job she will be worried about how her husband is going to cope , his recovery will be slower because he will be worrying about her.
What is the compasionate leave? is evey case based on how bad the situation is? is this how front line soldiers or handled???? this makes no seance to me at all????
Thats the vet corps for ya mate undermanned overstrectched and as compasionate as a fcuking rabid rotti.I know who you are talking about and it seems they need her back end of story ! The RAVC have allways had a mind over matter mentality>>>They dont mind cos we dont matter.
Might sound cruel, but if she gets pulled who does her job AND her husbands?
she had a miscarriage a couple of months ago and they werent going to send her to afghan because of her state of mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she sees her husband injured but is expected to go back ??? that to me is double standards , bloody hell WHAT has my husband joined??? things are not done the same here as in other battalions and I mean NOTHING , it dont matter how you look at it this is WRONG
I think you might find that a swift visit to the Padre sorts this out - no expert but I doubt VERY much that she is the ONLY one available to do her job?? What her sub unit says and what the RHQ in Sennelager say is likely to be very different....
Speak to the RBL. They sort out G1 fiascos like this quite regularly. It's amazing what pressure they can bring to bear when inexperienced clowns in units start freestyling with AGAIs/JSPs
Maybe we should just ban husband and wife combos in the Army?

Nowt sexist, just right welcome back from the honeymoon... which ones signing off?
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