BCPP computers

Here's a bit of a spotters question but as i work in IT now it's sort of job related :lol:

Can anyone remember what type\model of computers were used in the AD BCPP? One or both were Digital i seem to recall.
Cheers msr but i did say AD BCPP, ie. air defence not field arty.

The two off the shelf civvy computers in the back of a landrover or saxon. One used for making nice ADA graphs and stuff which kept the CPO happy for hours, the other hooked up to a TDED.
The BCPP computers were Hewlett Packard models, purchased of the shelf, I remember that we actually got some repaired locally whilst in Dortmund. Originally loaded using five and a quarter inch disks and progressed thru to three and a half inch disks.

Actually if they had used the BCPP as the basis of a new C4I system rather than developing ADCIS we would of had a more user friendly system and one that actually worked.
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