BCFT and ACFT weights times etc etc

Good day all
Hoping one of you Fizz Gurus could see little old me right on weights for tests for all arms (Teeth and Gums)
A link to show them would be splendid and proof!
Thanks in advance
give this a look.

If you are a tooth fairy well it is only
BCFT: 15kg and a minimum time of 1 hour 55 minutes and it is done as a squad so you can't really fail unless you died or such like going around the route.
ACFT1 (easy one) 20km 30Kg 2 hours 30.
ACFT2 (Beest) 30kg 3 hours 10 minutes and 35km.

don't quote me but it has been a year since I looked at the ITD folder, why not drop in to your local APTC establishment it will be on the wall somewhere, either near the office or in the entrance bit.
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