Did my BCDT 2 years ago, and at the weekend was told that unless I got updated by 31st March I woiuld lose the qual and have to redo the course.
Anybody out in ARRSEland know the SP on what is happening about BCDT and also what the Civvi qual is that comes with the course?

No civvi Qual as it's battlefield first aid, however it is run either before or after the H&SFAW course which is civvy.

Best bet 'phone theRTC & if they're not on 'tinternet they may well answer the bloody thing.
I have just done the update course for BCD as it is now called, If you have not done the update course before 1st April you will lose your qual, this is because of the changes to the teaching pack, A lot of things have changed, Like the new BLS protocols, it is now no longer ABC but A(c),B,C, Airway and (c) which stand for catastrophic bleed. Aswell as some other changes.
Speak to your training wing and get the new MATT 3 book from them. to see for your self.
I did the conversion course too, the conversion course which you have to do before 1 April 2007 entitles you to teach to MATT 3 standards. If you have not done the conversion course and you are not on the database down at Gosport, you are not current and competent. You will need to do the week long course again to qualify you so you can get your troops to MATT 3 standard.
The Battlefield Casualty Drills Training Team is carrying out its last two(2) Updates in UK and one in BFG dates are as follows:
UK: 13th and 15th Mar 07 BFG in 20 Bde area Padderbourne Garrison 14th Mar 07. This is the last chance for any BCDT's who have not been updated to BCDT MATT3 to update their qualification failing to do so will result in having to re do the whole course. Book now on 02392-765297 or 02392-765058 to reserve your place.

quoted from - http://www.army.mod.uk/servingsoldier/bcdt/index.htm
Looks like i'm probably too late for the update, which is a pity, but Emmas is alright for a giggle!!!! So recourse here I come........
BCDT is continually changeing why F***ing bother with a new course?
Why not use a TTT type course? Scab lifters trying to keep a job!!!!!!!!
so when was this passed to units then
i am TA but no body has told us about a BCD update course
i did one last year but not been told bout one this year
Watto, I'm in the same boat as you mate, I only got the gen about the update while at the local STT doing RMQ!

All the rest of the Company BCDT didn't know about it either, so we are all f***ed......
its ok updating a course but maybe somebody needs to tell the instructors

FFS sort it out if i was inept in my civvie job & didnt get tiring updates to fork lift drivers they cant use there licence but i would be in the POOH for not doing it.
I know where your coming from, in my civvi job we would get well stuffed if we had nobody trained and current to do a job. Which is what has happened in our Coy with the BCDT!
Why is there is no standardization with the instructor quals required to teach/test MATT subjects?

1. MATT 1 – SCBC/SAA Instr – Can teach and run ranges as long as you passed your own WHT within 6 months.

2. MATT 2 – In date (5 years I believe – correct me if wrong) PTI or ETL. PT Corps personnel have to run the refresher course.

3. MATT 3 – Changes it seems with each New OC at their school. UFAI then BFAT then BCDT now a newer BCDT course.

4. MATT4 – now CBRN instead of NBC

5. MATT 5 – MAPRIC or competent map reader (MAPRIC qual lasts forever).

6. MATT 6 – Values & Standards, haven’t got any so who gives a f***

Why are people having to redo the full CBRN and BCDT course, wasting slots on the course and tax-payers cash when they should be allowed to be brought up to speed by those in their units recently returning from the course by conducting the MATT tests (which you can do with SAA).
CBRN has been changed from NBC to come in line with the rest of the civilian world... They now teach you about ROTA (Release Other Than Attack), they also teach you about the new inservice DIM's ie the LCAD and MCAD. To top it off they gona be bringing in a new Respirator the GSR, when it finaly passes its final trials AGAIN (Was ment to be issued last year). Its a Tri service school run by the RAF..................

BCDT has changed slightly.... as you know you now have to do BLS twice a year as a seperate module to pass MATT 3. This is because the civies that dictate howmany chest compressions to breaths you do keep changing their minds, so the army took it out of BCDT and out of the flip book you get issued (which is about to chnage from the one you have issued now....) The 1 day course was just about telling you the changes and how to incorporate the BCDT in to MATT 3.
As an instructor though the phrase that pays in all subects is 'Compitent and Current.

Remember its up to you to keep yourself current.
But its not up to your unit 90% of the time mate.... most of the MATT information can be found on DII the BCDT team are on the WWW, but yes they should tell you. They probably dont know either....
Its hard to stay current when the first you know that things have changed is when an amendment comes through 2 days before it comes into force!

Point in question! WHT! I Rx the amendments on the Friday for the AOSP which changed o the Sunday!

Why not send a Friggin signal as a warning when things change?
Pencil pushing freeks!
Last day of my AA SAA Instructors Course we were told the WHT was changing. The SASC guys only got it a couple of days before. That was back in Feb this year.

With the Battle Box now on DII, I think it will be alot easier to keep your knowledge up to date. I know i will be looking on line more often because my Training Wing aint that efficient at updating Pam's. (got a Sapper in the Library!!!!)

Just a pity that people cant pass the information around DII that there are changes to Pam's/MATT's. They good at passing on silly emails.

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