Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RECRUIT_G, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Please can someone help me with some questions on BCDT

    PM Me if possible.

    Cheers ! :thumright:
  2. Read the BCD Aid Memoire - any questions you have should be in there
  3. Hi drain sniffer, got the memoire.

    It was just a couple of specifics like the correct procedure for putting on a tourniquet. And also putting someone in the 3/4 prone position.
  4. Tourniquet's should only be applied as a last resort and should be taught by a medic
    3/4 prone should again be taught as part of the Matt lesson

    edited to add. Watch ER tonight and get a few tips
  5. lol cheers drain sniffer.
  6. It doesn`t matter what method you use to put someone in the 3/4 prone postion as long as you can get them into it you get a pass for that procedure.
  7. 29 years in the Army and had to take MATT BCD, because I am in an HQ they said we only needed to be tested on putting a person into the ¾ prone and applying a field dressing. For that I had to sit through 40 mins of a medic reading the aid memoire to me. Insulted or what!
  8. 11 years in TA 3 as a BFAT/BCDT instructor only to have to sit throught the MATT trianing last papril by a Regular PSI who taught BLS the old way only when i pointed out to him about it that he checked his notes problem was he had already taught 3 classes the old way.


    Who says TA instructors know nothing at all ????

  9. It is the individual that is a good or bad instructor, not if they are Regular or TA. As it happens the guy that took us was TA, he said we have no regular in the barracks qualified to take it. But I do wish he had just tested us and not put us through the reading lesson. I would have rather we got that basic test out of the way and spent the time covering BLS even if not being tested on it.
  10. Same with the map reading test, if you can map read then why not go straight to test?