Just done my DIT course and have a Team Medic course early January. Once I've done that I want to do my BCDT. Anyone done this at all??

Just want some info on it and peoples experiences on it????

Do you have to be a guru before you attend??


If you can read, you will pass the course.

You would have to be a complete fuckwit to fail it. So long as you're even half capable of instructing and you can read the BCD flow charts then they might as well send you the certificate now.
I had to do a First Aid at Work course first and then the BCDT course. This was over a series of weekends ( bearing in mind I am now Ex Reg/STAB) at Waterbeach barracks just outside Cambridge if that helps ?

Don't try anything funny with Resusci Kate and you'll be fine.

It's in Portsmouth (well, it was in 2007, I assume it still is). The camp's not great but the rooms are alright. Single man but from memory I don't think they were en-suite. The bar on camp's not great but you've got Portsmouth and Gosport close by. The camp was full of very fit trainee nurses when I was there too, I think the Navy equivalent of QARANC do their trade training there.
I think all of the Service Nursing corps go through there.... there were a few QARANCs there when I went through. But most were Navy.
I think all of the Service Nursing corps go through there.... there were a few QARANCs there when I went through. But most were Navy.
Gosport, not portsmouth.

The BCD was designed for the Infantry soldier on the battlefield during the company attack ..... it was not designed for other arms. The RAMC col who first designed it produced three, one for the front line, one of a1 ech and another for rear ech troops and loggies.

He stated that the level of applible first aid should increase the further back the chain the injured soldier goes as the front line troops have a different TACTICAL situation to those ten miles back.

I know he was horrified when it was introduced pan army.

The instruced down there dont like medics going on the course as they teach stuff that we would NEVER do ...

"Not breathing ... hes dead ... leave him ..."

"NO I blooody wouldn't leave him as there are still several procedures that I HAVE to do plus only a doctor can confrim death ..... not a civvie teaching on a three day course."

He didn't like me much after that.
Gosport, Portsmouth it still Blockhouse and it's only a ferry ride between the two.

Isn't Blockhouse shut now?
nope there is still a field hospital in there as well as the sub escape training tower blokes.

I was there just over ayear ago, blockhouse is staying
I done the BCDT course a month or two back and they are introducing an entrance exam. It is all info from the BCDT lessons. Basically they want you to have done the pre-course prep properly and not the usual in house "test".

Still a buckshee course once you are on it though. they also said next year it may merge with the team medic course.

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