Being sad & having little outside life, I've just been to the Armynet site, if you click onto the BCDT(in training) it takes you to the new aide memoire interactive trainer, the problem I see, unless they've changed it back which wouldn't surprise me, is that the short video showing 3/4 prone doesn't show the 'how' position, I didn't have the volume on so it may be showing how not to do it.

can anyone shed any light?
So, not takers then, talking to some one whose job it is, the 3/4 prone is still taught as the 'How' position in civvy street, why has it changed back for BCD?
Didn't know that was on ArmyNET - will go and check it out. Thanks! (I have a life, but also need to keep up to date on BCD as an instr!)
The other way to access it is to google BCDT, it takes you straight to the BCD team site.
Found it via the ArmyNET site. Looks quite good. Answers a few questions I had after seeing the new version last week for the first time.

Were you able to find the printable (PDF) version which it says is on the site?
I think that refers to the site via google, as above, I tried from army.thingy with no joy.

I have the PDFs though pm me if you get any problems.

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